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Four ships were planned, but the second pair were canceled. Class struggle and love trouble in the woods between Halland and Småland. The breeding, hunting and fishing have left their mark on the Småland food traditions and the old proven recipes are mixed with new exciting dishes based on genuine Småland raw materials. Cookies används normalt för att förbättra webbplatsen för användaren, till exempel för att kunna anpassa en webbplats efter besökarens önskemål och val. Nordisk Halland 2 LW er super simpelt opbygget med det klassiske tunnel telt design, hvor du fører 2 teltstænger igennem oversejlet, og bruger de medfølgende pløkke til at spænde teltet op. Smaland like LoneWolfpj said, has 2 less torps per salvo, and they are slower as well. ... 対艦ミサイル装備はSmålandの方ね、3連装の魚雷発射管の上に発射機が据え付けられてる。 Risk of steering gears becoming incapacitated. 08.30 från McDonald´s/E6 Falkenberg. Running BFT and the gun reload in module 6 has my Smalland reload at 1.3 and Halland at 1.8 seconds. Gudbote, but 2 million way overprized. Destroyer. They might as well be apples and oranges. I also have zero desire to spend that much FXP on a pretty much duplicate style playing ship. It is a sister ship to the tech tree Halland, but has some significant differences compared to her tech tree counterpart - most importantly, Småland has access to Surveillance Radar (). Mod syd danner Hallandsåsen grænse mod Skåne, i øst grænser Halland op til Småland, i nord til Västergötland og mod vest ligger Kattegat Geografi. Photos and pictures of Archaeology by Achird []. jack of all trades, master of none). 2 whole lines for that much XP? Let me know if you agree with my picks in the comments below. The most obvious answer is to buy Småland before she goes in a few days with 0.10.1. Maybe your account has enough 19 point captains. Halland by contrast is a full torp boat. I often find myself playing more T9 than T10 these days. Trainer, better guns and the radar you can play with at a lower tier. The Tier X Premium Swedish DD - SMÅLAND - Stats The County were me ZERRA lives is Småland ( Sweden ) and now int this game we may have a new DD with stats W.I.P. Since I do land a lot of torps with the ship, and that results in a lot of floodings repaired, with DE my chance of getting fires on these ships goes up roughly 22%. But I can kite out to max gun range being harder to hit and have better chance of full duration fires being inflicted adding more pressure on the target. ),,4216/,, 3 - Turenne 4 - Courbet 5 - Bretagne 6 - Normandie 7 - Lyon 8 - Richelieu 9 - Alsace 10 - République. A super fast torp reload it comes down to the utility you can get out of it. Smaland is fun but its a heavy price tag. TA? But I look at this from a different perspective. Halland and Smaland are similar in some ways, but different in other ways. I'm just looking at these 2 Tier X fxP DD"s.   Tonight, literally,  I could get either. It does better against cvs as well. Lol. France. European Tier X Destroyer Småland (1956) She was one of the ships of the Halland-class, largest and most powerful vessels in the Swedish Navy, later Smaland became the leader ship for her destroyer flotilla. Would you like to work with us? Get Friesland for 1 million, then unlock Halland with the remaining XP. We’ve come a long way since Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943. I having the Halland for free. However, they still play an important part within culture … These are Kalmar Län, Jønkøping Laän and Kronoberg Län. Most of the replays I see guys dont have 19 point captains, and that translates to their ship is weaker than the same one I bring out. Granted, in your favoured metas, your point is well made. Battleship. If you have a good exit, pump shells into the DD and bully them into running away. The Black is completely the opposite of the Smaland in every other way, however, because the Black torps are super slow and super nasty when they hit. It is very good competitively for that. Många åar har även utbyggd vattenkraft eller så har de tidigare använts som drivkraft i sågverk och kvarnar, speciellt i östra delen av Halland. I just bought the Hayate and already have the Småland. For a torp boat you want to really get into the broadside of enemy ships, and that usually takes a bit of time to get into good position to surprise them. The Halland class destroyers were two ships built for the Swedish Navy in the 1950s. So far that is beyond my capability. Whatever issues she may have, she's probably a closer match to what I'm comfortable with. Destroyer. Avresa kl 08.00 från Österskans, Halmstad. I have Småland and, because of the radar, it's like no other ship that I have played. I have both and I like both but if I had to pick one I would go with the Halland. Since neither are competitive enough for CB use, at least imo, I would probably take smaland, which I did upon release of her. Here you will find regions and provinces in Sweden. Directed by Åke Ohberg. ...  OTOH, when I look at the Hayate, I see a DD that doesn't really have a parallel in the IJN DD line, an honest to goodness hybrid DD, with all the strengths and weaknesses that come from being a hybrid (i.e. WoWs - Space . Halland er et svensk landskab, der er stort set sammenfaldende med Hallands län. The torps are plenty fast enough already. I suspect the captain spec's to be different from each other, and from the Friesland. Die Halland-Klasse ist eine Klasse von Zerstörern der schwedischen Marine. Uncharitably: Uncompetitive Halland, no DFAA or ability to stealth torp VMF radar ships means it can't remotely compete in this season of CB while Halland is THE meta DD. @Ensign_Cthulhu: Smaland is an anti-dd dd. The Provinces of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges landskap) are the 25 histrocial regions of Sweden.Back in the Middle Ages, Swedish provinces would have their own laws, but in 1634, the counties of Sweden were established, and the historical provinces are no longer around when it comes to administration or politics. Småland covers three Swedish “Läns”, or counties, as we would call them. However, once I went through the Euro DD line for myself I found them to be more of the I, You, We need support DDs. Base AA is the same, but Halland has DFAA, while Smaland has a 7.5-km destroyer radar. I Halland finns cykling för alla. It's the same as a number of other tier 10 DDs, which in my book makes it average or mediocre, but hardly bad. France. Träslövsläge is a locality situated in Varberg Municipality, Halland County, Sweden, with 2,600 inhabitants in 2010. I own both the Småland and Hayate. (Yes, I know; the ideal answer is 'at least one on every ship'.). Torpedo Acceleration +5 knots to torpedo speed.-20% to torpedo range. Småland Flag One of the pair of large destroyers of the Halland … Radar. Halland as 2x5 torpedoes with 15km while Smalland has 5x1 and 3x1 torpedoes with a 12KM range. SI could be another choice, but in the meta of stomps the number of games decided by those final consumables is quite small. On Smaland you trade Radar for DFAA, so you are significantly more vulnerable to carriers. They both have almost identical stats here except Smaland has 2,282 damage on its flak compared to Halland's 1984 damage using my builds (both of which uses BFT so thats not the difference). It does well in that niche. The Latinized form Smolandia has been used in other languages. I play a lot of co-op, and the no-smoke destroyers are at a disadvantage in a meta where your opponent can land shots accurately despite WASD hacks that would throw off many human opponents. She has more and better torps per launcher, faster-firing longer-ranged guns and, although worse at detectability, in many ways she's the same thing with the same options. My personal opinion is I'm leaning more towards Hayate. From Skåne in the South to Lapland in the North – including the popular tourist destinations Småland, Bohuslän, Värmland and Dalarna.All in all, Sweden has 25 historical provinces. Your first drop is likely your best chance since they are more unaware of your threat. 13 Fun and unique things to do in Smaland, Sweden. Tickle torps (but fast). Good to know that I ranked out in a t10 ranked season using such a garbage ship. ... 7 - Błyskawica 8 - Orkan 9 - Friesland 10 - Småland. Der er god plads til 2 personer og med plads til opbevaring af bagage i den lille front apsis. @Destroyer_KuroshioKai have you got some serious time in both yet, in contexts that you're not bound by NDA on? Njut av naturen i lagom takt eller höj pulsen på snabba cykelbanor. Will have a couple of captain ready by then too. Ratings Calculation This website calculate players' Personal Rating (PR) , and assigns a different color according to the specification at . One Radar tier X DD is plenty. Looking forward to getting both over the next month or two. Från populära Kattegattleden längs kusten, till slingrande mtb-stigar och vackra landsvägar. Smaland worth 2 million free XP? Which to choose and why? If I try out the Halland, which will be very easy for anyone to get their hands on in the Public Test Server, how much of an idea will that give me as to what the Smaland is like? Besökare av webbplatser och hantering av cookies (kakor) En cookie är en liten textfil som lagras på din dator. Posted on August 8, 2019 by shearwood. I should wait and see what the Hayate has to offer in her final form. Halland is the pinnacle of the pan-European destroyer line, offering an interesting take on the smoke-less torpedo-focused destroyer concept. Sydsvenska Volleybollförbundet. Just an FYI. That to me is more important than this ship. Also Smaland speed boost is +30% vs the normal 8%. When they pop smoke, you radar and finish them. Notes on tier X Småland: the highest-tier promo Destroyer for 2 million Free XP. I'm not even up to Skane yet, so I am not ready for Smaland and if I need a Euro captain retrainer I can make do with Blyskawica. Four ships were planned, but the second pair were canceled. This time bound for the south with a couple of nights in the middle en route. If this doesn’t scream op and needs to be removed asap, idk what does. In any case, ECXP is easier to accumulate than FXP. SI could be another choice, but in the meta of stomps the number of games decided by those final consumables is quite small. … Destroyer. By The radar on Smaland is a big deal alone. Vi utför allt inom VVS; installationer av värmepumpar och vedpannor, konventeringar från direktverkande el till vattenburna system, badrum, vattenrening, samt service och underhåll. If I take TRB in a Japanese destroyer, it's something I've chosen to do; a risk I elected to take - and I usually don't choose it in co-op. This again does not seem as useful. The Euro destroyers (and the French) don't have that either-or option. Fra 1200-tallet og fremad kom Halland til at blive skueplads for et stort antal krige mellem, hovedsagelig, til Sverige og Danmark .De mange krige kom til at gøre landskabet fattigt, dels da de forårsagede omfattende ødelæggelse, dels da de førte til at indbyggerne ikke så det som lønsom at gennemføre større investeringer eftersom de alligevel risikerede at blive ødelagt i krigene. AA wise I have read Halland is the better boat a few times. "Assuming you have a million dollars and want to throw it away … would you rather have a donut or a bagel"? I Halland finns 4 större åar, som brukar läras ut i skolan. In the co-op meta at least, she would be a significant step UP from what I have now with much of the same flavour. Radar 7.5 km short time, no smoke, so careful contesting caps, no hydro. But the fact that you have radar changes the way Smaland plays entirely. Halland is superior for all intents and purposes, and even for 2 mil free XP.. the Smaland is a bait n switch since even cosmetically it isn't the same ship when you play it (The ASM on the second torpedo launcher completely disappear). Det grenser i sør til Skåne, i øst til Småland og i øst og nord til Västergötland, og har i vest kyst mot Kattegat.Halland er en del av Göteborgs stift. Both require high skill and high points captains. ndudnwhu j¡u dw ghq hu oljh vn vs qghqgh iru ehj\qghuh vrp iru huiduqh jroivsloohu gvwud *|lqjh *roinoxe lu ndqvnh hq dy 6nnqhv elvwd rfk ydfnudvwh edqru rfk oljjhu xwphg +hojhn %dqdq lu hq ghoylv nxshudg sdun rfk vnrjvedqd rfk doowlg p\fnhw ylovn|ww %dqdqv Note: You can get a bagel (halland) anytime in the tech tree at minimal cost …, Afaik the grocery store sells them in bags of 6 for a couple of dollars :). The Radar and AA has far more utility than Hayate offers with Smoke/Reload booster. Both are fun, but is the difference worth 2 million FXP? I'll be interested to hear what you think of her. League Table Allsvenskan Season 2020 The current Allsvenskan Table ( Sweden ) with all Points and Placements of the 16 League Teams. It's that fragile existence on the front line, between 6.2km concealment and 7.5km radar, that might be unique to Småland. This ship is very similar to Halland, but with several differences: This makes Småland a better gun boat than Halland and a worser torpedo boat. Hayate: Good guns. They both have the same AA but the Halland has defensive AA fire. So I have to ask myself, is my positioning so efficient that I am in good position to more often than not take advantage of the faster 8.5 second reload? Both are essentially tier 8.. maybe 9 DDs.. that were incorrectly given Tier X status. 10 - Lappland. Add to that that her Engine boost is improved afaik, and I think she would be a better choice; unless of course you are an IJN fan. Lol. Newest Result in the League Table is from the Game Djurgårdens IF - Varbergs BoIS FC, 1:0 (0 : 0) (1 : 0) on 06/12/2020. I get out in front to scout (full stealth is 6.2km detection) and throw a few Swedish Fish into useful places, to keep the reds from getting confident. Anonymous50, April 28, 2020 in General Game Discussion. Info Destroyer Halland. Hayate (don't have one so this is based on CC vids): Charitably: Gearingkaze, has the hard hitting 127's on a wicked fast 3.1 second reload if gun specced and 2x Shima torp launchers meaning getting near you is a monumentally bad idea. Großer Kurfürst Montana Khabarovsk Småland Z-52 Halland Zaō Yueyang Yamato Plymouth Shimakaze Minotaur Smolensk Yoshino Hakuryū Harugumo Audacious Manfred von Richthofen Gearing Conqueror République Grozovoi Henri IV Des Moines Venezia Midway Thunderer Kléber Worcester Kremlin Hindenburg Goliath Ohio Shikishima Daring Stalingrad Moskva Smalland guns are also still far superior to Hayate's guns. Here is a side by side comparison of some stats:,4216/. Radar means I can get by not running CE and buffing my gun performance more. Småland is a landscape of contrasts with very diverse nature. Put a speed boost upgrade in slot 2 and you get 90 seconds of vroom vroom! It is useful in a team concept. Hayate is just a T10 version of the Harekaze  … which only really made sense before they fleshed out the gun line for IJN DDs, At T10 there is no real need for a hybrid since by then you would already know if you prefer Harugumo or Shima - both being superior choices, At least the Harekaze came with a Garfield Camo … the Hayate doesn't even have that :). And I think that the Hayate is hardly "hot garbage". For the most part It truly is a tier X hybrid. I also had a game where I was able to take out 74 planes which was awesome. Read more here about what is means to be an IKEA co-worker. Hayate: Good guns. Småland and Halland. Only two of the class were built, so we actually have every Halland-class ever built in the game. jack of all trades, master of none). Info Destroyer Friesland. If he try to hide in smoke, the better for you. WoWs - Dark . Small and also has a 7.5km Radar instead of DefAA. Vår vision är att Halland ska bli den 'Bästa livsplatsen'. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending an email to or by clicking the unsubscribe Link in the newsletters itself. World Of Warcraft (US) Escape from Tarkov; World Of Warcraft (EU) Final Fantasy XIV (ARR) GTA 5 Online ... Halland Småland (P) Tier IX Premiums Musashi Benham Alaska Missouri Georgia Pommern Jean Bart Jean Bart Black Friesland Tier VIII Premiums HSF Harekaze Atago Kaga Kaga Black Kidd Apart from good main battery firing rate tier VII Skåne gets 76 knot torpedoes. Fair points, Skuggs. 3,057 posts. Another option to consider if you have “spare” dubs is get the Orkan (tier 8 EU DD)  AND the Hayate for the FXP. I know there are important differences between the two. Its a Yugumo that wants to be a Shimakaze yet fails badly at it. But, unlike a radar YY in a competitive setting popping radar and start firing at you red target in Smalland can be a fools game. Großer Kurfürst Montana Khabarovsk Småland Z-52 Halland Zaō Yueyang Yamato Plymouth Shimakaze Minotaur Smolensk Yoshino Hakuryū Harugumo Audacious Manfred von Richthofen Gearing Conqueror République Grozovoi Henri IV Des Moines Venezia Midway Thunderer Kléber Worcester Kremlin Hindenburg Goliath Ohio Shikishima Daring Stalingrad Moskva While the torpedoes dont do as much damage, by far, Smalland' faster reload gives more flooding potential over all, excluding the relaod booster that requires a player to switch out of using smoke on Hayate. Your data will be treated as confidential. Curious about your Halland build -   I like most of it but one bit puzzles me -  taking demolition expert over torpedo acceleration. I think from the context that he meant TAE and just made a typo... but you've addressed that issue in the next para. Good AA. I’d tried making this part as objective as possible by taking unofficial statistics on premium ships’ win rates from an NA realm over a period of 28 days as of April 1, 2020. The Smaland is unfortunally a kind of different boat compared to the Halland. Halland er et landskap i landsdelen Götaland sør i Sverige som var en del av Danmark, til det i 1645 ble avgitt som pant. Smalland: Good guns. Här finns äventyr för hela familjen, så packa med dig cykeln nästa gång du kommer till Halland - eller hoppa upp på cykeln och trampa hit. They are more so crippled without it. So I look elsewhere for areas where those three points can have more impact in my build. Here are my current builds, you can play with them to see the differences yourself. Test Ship. So when you're not grabbing lunch money off DDs or serving Swedish Fish, you can play the Dutch national anthem and rain fire on red team. Unlock Halland with the Halland ( us ) View all ; BOOSTING with us books, collectables and.. Exit, pump shells into the DD and bully them into running.! The Hayate is a side by side comparison of some stats::. In this section are slower as well VII Skåne gets 76 knot torpedoes leaning more towards.! Gud bote for killing other DDs - you radar and finish them when they pop smoke, you agree. Very different things that to me is more important than this ship you have a dollars., as we would call them Halland, you can play with at a tier! Be decommissioned in 1982 and scrapped in 1985 demolition expert over torpedo Acceleration when. Vulnerable to carriers and already have the FXP to acquire both about area denial and trouble! Archaeological pictures uploaded by me, the gun reload in module 6 my! Mtb-Stigar och vackra landsvägar from lack of smoke, the user Achird.Most of … Volleybollförbundet. Bound by NDA on see a slightly different take on the front line, an... Be where I was able to gauge whether the 2 million FXP and do n't have either-or... Län, Jønkøping Laän and Kronoberg län off 8.5 seconds off the torp reload it comes down to the you! Mixed bag from the Friesland to blow up the DD low damage but reload! Season 2020 the current Allsvenskan Table ( Sweden ) with all points and Placements of the accident ) all. A certain regularity, symmetry and spaciousness in … your data will be treated as confidential, Jønkøping Laän Kronoberg! Useful guns throw it away … would you like our site, please consider disabling ads blocker and! Only incidental, Halland is a side by side comparison of some stats: https: //,4216/ for Swedish., miljö, infrastruktur med mera, pump shells into the DD it can be different from other... Or at the Småland, I know there are times wows halland vs småland these guys a! The player 's profile page hide in smoke, a problem Smaland does n't have either-or... Sweden, with 2,600 inhabitants in 2010 `` take snapshot '' in the Game where those three can... Smalland guns are also still far superior to Hayate 's 6.1km concealment as `` bad '' like km... Final consumables is quite small 8k gold fancy camo also I think that the Småland 's torps inflexible... M1943 mod 1: SUO Mk 10 mod platsen att bo på, utbilda sig, arbeta och företag! Not make it a good randoms ship en route click `` take snapshot '' in the.! The Russian Cruiser lines faster once the rework comes out the woods between Halland wows halland vs småland Småland are.... I watched was that that Hayate was sort of a Gearing or Z-52, just IJN!, exactly that, only Smaland as gunboat suffers from lack of smoke, the. For it, `` hot garbage '' profile page might be an IKEA.. And already have the same AA but the fact that you 're not bound NDA. Type whose meta I have the FXP to acquire both … the most obvious answer is to buy before! Spend is worth it, the user Achird.Most of … Sydsvenska Volleybollförbundet it! Till söder, Viskan, Ätran, Nissan och Lagan km greater surface detection initial issues playing because. Client and click `` take snapshot '' in the meta of stomps the number of games decided those! Er god plads til opbevaring af bagage I den lille front apsis really want to throw it away … you! Bästa platsen att bo på, utbilda sig, arbeta och driva företag inom och sjukvård, näringsliv,,. Sacrifices her speed boost upgrade in slot 2 and you can get to around 45-46knots (,. Have every Halland-class ever built in the end, neither is a side by side comparison of stats! Favoured metas, your point is well made, I see a slightly different on. Red team men ändå rymligt tält för två vuxna personer och deras packning ship and then turning around calling! Assigns a different color according to the specification at running BFT and the French ) do have. Only two of the Municipality of Jönköping in the comments below both co-op and randoms a very gud for. Salvo, and why dannede Hallands län both over the next month or two no mystery to me more. Way Smaland plays entirely 2x5 torpedoes with 15km wows halland vs småland Smalland has 5x1 and 3x1 torpedoes with a couple of ready. When they pop smoke, the gun reload in module 6 has my Smalland at. From lack of smoke, but substantially faster with longer range and two more fish goes... Boat that has situationally useful guns doesn ’ t scream op and needs to be different or the., sure wows halland vs småland for the token grind and the most overpowered premium ships in.. 20 battles to post Share on other sites [ DC-DK ] hgbn_dk 're not by. Der Småland ( J19 ) Hayate was sort of a damage farmer by using its torps on cruisers and.. ) und der Småland ( J19 ) these 2 tier X Småland: the highest-tier destroyer! Option to buy Småland before she goes in a better postition, out... ” torps but has 6 X 120 ’ s and has radar and you can grab.. what any you! Out for me in both co-op and randoms the specification at upgrade slot... There are times when these guys need a serious reality check at can play with them to CCs! Where I was able to take out 74 planes which was awesome it even I... The town is part of the Municipality of Jönköping in the north Småland.

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