what happens if you don't trim your cat's nails

6. Now that you know you do need to trim your cat’s nail on occasion, and that this process won’t hurt your cat as it’s nothing like declawing, let’s go over how you properly trim their nails! Since most cats fuss more about having their rear claws clipped, start with the front claws. You’ll also need cornstarch and a dry bar of soap for accidents, which I’ll go explain about in a moment. Never cut the quick as it may cause bleeding and it’s painful for your pet. Thus, your essential equipment, the nail clipper, should be efficient and sharp. But yes, I have had some cats that if I don't clip their claws, the claws will grow back around into the toe pads, causing wacky-looking callouses, and I'm sure for some cats, worse problems than that. Those that shed off are replaced by new ones. 4. So you’ve seen online and offline the rather large debate over declawing a cat and how this can negatively affect their lives, their personalities, etc. Flip may flinch once in a while, but he is mostly calm and does not move around too much if the person who cuts his nails is gentle and someone he can trust. Your pet’s claws are made of keratin, a kind of protein. As you may guess, trimming means the nail will recover and declawing means it will never return. Holding the scruff firmly will calm your pet and it will stay still. The more your pet cooperates, the easier the process will be. This will extend the claw for you, as your cat is likely not going to extend their claw for you. You’re just helping something cats do naturally, and need to do regulatory to maintain their health. A cat’s nails or claws are retractable which means they can be drawn back or back in. Most cats have 18 digits and claws with 5 on every forefoot. This style resembles a small guillotine with handles attached and with a circular opening where a cat nail is inserted. One of the things that endear us to our cats is their playfulness. In cats, simply trim the ‘hook’ off the end. Cut off just the tips of the nails. Not to mention one of the most useful parts in terms of defending yourself. Styptic powder is a good thing to have around if this is your first time trimming the cat's claws, or if you have an animal that fusses and moves around a lot while trimming. It could even lead to infection. Extend one of his nails and use the clippers to cut a piece of raw spaghetti as kitty watches. If you don't trim a cat's claws they can grow so long that they imbed into the cat's paw pads. As a result, you may need to periodically trim your cat’s nails. Hence, they usually don’t touch the ground and don’t naturally wear out as they do for dogs. A living tissue at the claw’s core is called “quick” which contains nerves and blood vessels. You can teach your kitty to lay on his back (yes cat’s can learn tricks!) Just as it is important that your pet is happy and well-fed, grooming and nail care are also essential. Consider trimming the nails if they’re too long and your cat doesn’t seem interested in keeping its nails short. It is therefore necessary for them to sharpen their claws to maintain them. Cats have remarkably good memories, and if you fight with her to trim her nails, I can assure you that the procedure will only get more difficult over time. Repeat a few times and be sure to give your pet another cat treat. You can try to trim the remaining nails on the next day. You can easily put it on your cat’s nails. ! Or they can get caught up on something and rip out of the cat's paw - resulting in a LOT of pain and a very "hassling" trip to the vet. If your cat is an outdoor cat, trimming their nails is a bad idea. You can use the… What Happens When You Clip Your Cat’s Nails. Next up, you’ll need to actually get a hold of your cat. If your cat is still young you can give him/her a nail trim fairly often so that your cat will use to it, allowing you to perform the process much easier as your cat grows old. Additionally, Petsbyte.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. to make nail trimming easier. However, some pet parents claim that it makes your pet’s nails dull. Shadow lets you clip his nails with ease. and may even be life-threatening if your cat decides to fight something with short, stubby claws. The handle is easy to maneuver as it’s similar to how a regular scissor is handled. However, it emits a noise that may bother your cat. How often depends to a great extent on your cat, but it’s safe to say that if you see your kitty getting stuck on carpeting or a blanket, their nails are likely going to benefit from a trim. One at a time. 3. Despite this, don’t just start clipping your cat’s nails as he’s still unfamiliar with the clipper and will get startled. Then get the nail clippers ready and try one nail. Instead, you need to slowly approach your cat while acting normal. If your cat stays relaxed, then trim the second nail while the cat is eating; if your cat stays relaxed, build up to trimming five nails in one session,” Dr. Yin says. Others might claim declawing is good. For an older cat, you will need to assist with trimming. 8. And this will make it much easier for you in the future! Again, pulls and snags still happen with trimmed claws, they just don't happen quite so much and are less likely to draw blood. • Some like it hot. Be sure to locate the quick which has a pink or red tinge. The first step is to get some treats, make the whole experience positive and don’t feel like you need to be a hero and trim all the nails at once. So What Happens If You Don’t Trim Your Cat’s Nails? Overall, it’s not necessary to trim your cat’s claws, but it depends of your … You may only be able to cut a few nails and this depends on your cat’s temperament. They also tend to be too active and frisky at times. Why You Should Trim Your Cat’s Nails. Position the nail clipper so that it’s perpendicular to the nail. The front claws are sharper than the claws in the hind feet. Also, a good option is to use a calming spray or scratching deterrent spray on your cat. If their nails grow long it can bury into the footpad and cause pain and discomfort. Not trimming the nails of your cat may lead to your cat developing ingrown nails, which can be painful and cause health issues. In truth, it’s very hard to trim all eighteen nails at once. Before you think of clipping a cat’s nail, take these three factors into consideration. Let's find out more Petsbyte.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Just walking up to them, with a sharp object in your hand, is going to make them flee or “gift” you a swat on the face. To control your pet, let the other person hold the cat’s scruff which is the loose skin over the neck right behind its head. This is perfectly fine but it can be dangerous if they have long and overgrown nails. Outside of accidentally cutting the quick, your cat isn’t going to feel much if any pain from a trim. Remember, gently squeeze, don’t apply too much force or this will hurt your cat. Claws form part of your cats identity. However, if you accidentally cut the quick, dab a small amount of styptic powder on it to stop the bleeding. Here’s a video tutorial showing how to effectively trim a cat’s nails. It’s an uncanny combination of the 2 earlier types. Older cats can become arthritic and not get enough exercise. You must make sure that your cat is calm and receptive. Let your cat become used to the sound of nail clippers. The more your cat scratches, the sharper their claws will become. If you can find them, go for the biggest and longest nails first. With trimmed nails your pet don’t have as much urge to scratch away at just about anything. And 3 things you can do instead. This in turn means they can’t scratch normally and can’t regulate the length of their claws. Observe your pet’s reaction. It also doesn’t cause any splintering but you have to get used how to maneuver it as compared to the scissor style. And don’t rush-you may cut into the quick. They need constant attention and care to live a healthy life. If trimming claws is such a "hassle" for you I don't think you should own a cat - period!! Regardless, you’ll want to be sure you’re holding them. So for starting out, only trim one or two nails at a time. Note: Adapted from the Suffolk, NY S.P.C.A. They love to socialize, are inquisitive, and they have this cute look that melts our hearts. Trimming your cat’s nails involve a process, it doesn’t happen in one go. 5. A lot of patience and consistency is … In truth, cats are well adapted at caring for themselves, although you still might need to provide some help. It may not happen with every cat, or even with every claw on a cat's paw. Never cut this area, as this will hurt your cat. If your cat resists, don’t raise your voice or punish her. 3. If your furry pet has trimmed nails it won’t be able to inflict as much damage to your carpeting or furniture. An outdoor cat will have plenty of places and objects to scratch. It’s also important to their physiology. You don’t want to have an ugly scratch on your face or hands after all. Clipping your cat’s nail is something that should be done with care. And there you have it. The answer, if your life and relationship with your cat depends on it, is no. For an indoor cat, the story is different. Nail trimming. Discover everything you must take into account to turn this trance into a bearable experience for your cat. By doing so you’ll be able to cut it from top to bottom and not side to side which could result in a split nail. 4. Do not punish your cat if she resists the nail trimming. Hey! If you have rugs in your home then not trimming your cat’s nails can effectively impede their walking ability. They stay on for about a few weeks and then eventually fall off as your pet’s nails grow. They’re not really having to fight other cats and at most, they may hunt some bugs that are roaming around. It will help stop the bleeding if you trim too far down. A unique cat behavior is performing a sort of isotonic exercise wherein it selects a surface, hooks the claws then pulls against the resistance. Here are some interesting facts about it: 1. This is because you can’t expect cats to like the idea of having their nails trimmed. The claws retract and extend with the help of the tendons and ligaments. Cut or trim each nail and be sure to cut only the sharp tip. As discussed earlier, this is because scratching is a way to mark territory as well as a natural stress relief, or a relief of boredom. So if you’re worried that trimming their nails will hurt them, don’t worry! How To Restrain a Fractious Cat and Trim Cat Nails - YouTube Clipping your cat nails is not a piece of cake if you don’t have enough patience and time for her. You can trim the rest of her nails some other days. Cats can read body language and can understand the tone in your voice, so if your acting strange your cat may avoid you. "If you don't cut your nails, they're just going to continue to grow," says Dr. James Christina, executive director and CEO of the American Podiatric Medical Association. They need long, sharp claws for hunting, defense, and marking their territory. It trims quickly which makes this an ideal type if your pet easily becomes restless. If you aren't able to trim all 10 nails at once, don't worry. Jackie, our fluffy kitty does not like nail clipping with a passion. So by trimming their nails, you’re not really hindering them although they may not like it when you pull clippers out.

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