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The standout performance is given by Cecilia Suárez as Paulina, in my opinion, whose accent in the show is a character of its own. Aislinn Derbez. [12] She also continued successfully working in theater,[13] having roles alongside Juan Manuel Bernal on the stage as well as in film and television during this period. [3][17] This was complemented with work across Mexican film and television. La Casa de Las Flores—officially debuted on Netflix October 18, and the reviews are in: Season 2 was just as wild as the first, with fans still loving Cecilia Suárez‘s Paulina, plus a new character named Marilu, played by Teresa Ruiz. [52] In November 2012, Suárez and García Bernal were named "distinguished guests" of the city of Morelia, the location of the Morelia International Film Festival, one of Mexico's largest film festivals, for their contributions to cinema. #cecilia suarez #paco leon #paulina de la mora #maria jose riquelme #la casa de las flores #damadclascamelias. [45] In November 2019, de León spoke about their relationship for the first time since the order, saying that "everything is fine" between the pair, though his other children have not met Teo. [16] Suárez is described as Caro's muse, and she has starred in all but one of his works; she did not have a role in Amor de mis amores because Caro "did not want to force it". [11] As she left college, she also received the Steppenwolf Theatre Acting Fellowship Award,[11] and her debut was at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre. [34] The campaign is called "Declárate",[14][34] which she remains a spokeswoman of. Season 2 of House of Flowers—a.k.a. [14], In 2018, Suárez was named a Spotlight Initiative Champion[37][38] to the UN campaign against femicide,[3][8] and she gave a lecture to the UN assembly in New York City titled "Enough" in September that year. Does Amparo feel like Mina was never good enough for her son or is it that she feels Mina is too weak to be by his side? [3] She primarily works in the Spanish language[26] and in Mexico on Mexican productions, not being supportive of "American culture's version" of Mexican narratives[3] and disliking being offered only stereotypical roles. 86 notes. But Cecilia Suarez as the quirky Paulina de la Mora steals the show hands down. Ignacio Sánchez Prado, an historian of Mexican cinema, writes that she has an "iconic status as an actress in Mexico's most successful movies". Season 2 premiered in October 2019, and since then, fans have been waiting for an update on ‘The House of Flowers’ season 3. It's the same accent and a lot more laughs in a story about a show business manager whose career is falling apart. Frida … Without that basic concept, there is no possible life. Did things change between them when Gabino went to stay in Mexico or was it a long time coming? [6] Suárez also has family from Asturias, Spain,[7] and holds Spanish dual nationality[8][9] from her grandfather, an Asturian who emigrated to Mexico. Q) Aside from this show, are there any upcoming projects that you would like to share with your audience? Carmen Maura Cecilia Suárez Ester Expósito Ernesto Alterio Alejandro Speitzer Isaac Hernández Carlos Cuevas Mariola Fuentes Pilar Castro Juan Carlos Vellido Eduardo Casanova ... technology, sharks, accents and the time he confused himself for a world leader in this stand-up special. The show was created by Manolo Caro and stars Verónica Castro, Cecilia Suárez, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Aislinn Derbez, Juan Pablo Medina, and Lucas Velazquez. Derbez is a Mexican star and model. Q) Was Mina attracted to Lazaro because of his confidence and connection to Mexico or did he spark something else within her? Q) Clearly Mina loved Gregorio at one time. [2]:152, Suárez was born and raised in Tampico, a small coastal area in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Q) What captivated you about Mina and what led you to decide to participate in Someone Has to Die? [8], Suárez began working with the United Nations (UN) in 2011 to create a UN Human Rights Initiative in Latin America after the Mexican government began cracking down on organized crime to the point of suppressing human rights activists. A) The context of country and ‘machismo,’ and the struggle of motherhood to protect and care. Cecilia Suarez absolutely KILLED it as Paulina in S1, so I was hoping they would expand her character in S2. El señor Suárez ____ (pedir) una chuleta de cerdo. Suárez retained custody of Teo and, in 2015, took out a restraining order against de León on behalf of the child, claiming that he had been both physically and psychologically violent to Teo and was not making child support payments. And in this story they are given. Netflix says viewership is still high for the show, and fans love returning actress Cecilia Suarez. Cecilia Suárez de ‘La casa de las flores’ no ha-bla a-sí de pau-sa-da en la vida real. Q) What kind of challenges did you face in order to portray Mina and what was the biggest lesson you learned from it? [16], Suárez met de León in 2009, and they began improvising flirtatious lines when starring together in the play Othello before starting a relationship. [5][21], Following her second Ariel nomination in 2015, Suárez took roles in 2016 in the Netflix original series Sense8[17] and the Netflix-distributed film Macho,[22] as well as the comedy film Cuando los hijos regresan with Carmen Maura. She has had popular and award-winning roles in works including Sex, Shame and Tears, Capadocia, Nos vemos, papá, and The House of Flowers. [14][15] While in Illinois, Suárez performed the lead role in several classical plays,[b] and took part in the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. 1.2m Followers, 1,300 Following, 2,508 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cecilia Suárez (@cecilia_suarez) [46], Suárez has twice been nominated for the Ariel Award. [13][8], In the 2010s, Caro began his career as a successful director and screenwriter. lacasa-delasflores. Paulina de la Mora. Netflix, de hecho, le prohíbe utilizar esta forma de hablar. [3] She runs a project within Mexican public hospitals, with support from the Department of Health, to promote safe childbirth,[14][34] and has spoken out against the culture of machismo;[7] she is on the Mexican government's advisory board analyzing the representation of machismo and violence against women in media. In the end, and despite all the risks she takes, she succeeds in her mission. Penelope Cruz was a vision at the Chanel Metiers d'Art show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Caro then studied architecture, but they became friends when he moved to Mexico City to pursue filmmaking. [3] Suárez worked alongside actor Gael García Bernal on multiple occasions in both mediums,[18] as well as with the director Ernesto Contreras, having acclaimed roles in two of his films. Hubie Halloween. She was also the first Spanish-speaking actress to be nominated for an Emmy. Paula y Humberto Suárez llegaron al restaurante El Famoso a las ocho y ____ (seguir) al camarero a una mesa en la sección de no fumar. Q) Someone Has to Die is full of intricate characters dealing with their own demons and secrets, what do you think is the point of convergence of these characters that enriches this story? Netflix says viewership is still high for the show, and fans love returning actress Cecilia Suarez. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback [13][40][47] In 2013, she won the Best Actress award at the Guadalajara International Film Festival for her role in Tercera llamada. [5] Suárez said that though it was "a remarkable coincidence" to her family, she believed it was "no accident", and that her role in the film had happened to help her deal with her own grief. A) The historical moment in which this story occurs frames women in a light that today is extremely important to review. Cecilia Suarez. [12] She also has a program called TNT + Film, where she presents interviews, facts, and news about Mexican cinema. Her pill-popping character sporting an unmistakable accent is on full display in the opening scene from Season 2. Binge-watchers are incessantly quoting Paulina de la Mora (Cecilia Suarez) and her hilariously slow line readings that stretch out words by pronouncing them one syllable at a time. [34] In 2018, Suárez reflected on her work with Greenpeace, saying that the organization taught her about the world of activism. [30][50] That same year, she received the Bazaar Actitud 43/Actitud Expresiva award, a lifetime achievement award in Spain[30][1] that was presented to her by Maura,[51] and the Mexican National Theatre lifetime achievement award. Tío Oscar and Tío Felipe: Celebrated actor Héctor Bonilla. Aislinn Derbez. A) The relationship established between these characters makes it very clear that there was love but that it was dissolving, giving way to the inevitable underlying differences that make reconciliation between two people who understand life from such opposite places impossible. Manolo Caro IS the Mexican Almodovar- irreverent and campy, his stories are graced with juicy, flawed, strong-willed women. A) I believe that the world in which these characters exist only allows them to worry about the present moment, and Mina understands that under the rules of the regime, her son is in danger and will be punished simply for being himself. A) The accent of a Mexican in “Castilian Spanish” was something that the director asked me to do two weeks before filming began, so it was a challenge to prepare due to the short time and lack of a coach. Her acting credits include Miss Bala an… Netflix says viewership is still high for the show, and fans love returning actress Cecilia Suarez. When they announced Veronica Castro wouldn’t return, it was practically a given. She says that there was no theater there, and that her parents shielded her from too much play-acting as a child because "childhood was something to prolong and respect". These are two issues that are very important to me. Okay, so White Lines is actually a bilingual series that switches back and forth between English and Spanish. She has starred in film, television, and theater across the United States, Mexico, and Spain. [28] Her first Hollywood film was 2004's Spanglish; she says she took the role because she wanted to work with its director, James L. Created and directed by Manolo Caro, The House of Flowers, or La casa de las flores, is a new Spanish-language Netflix Original Series – the third, after Club de Cuervos and Ingobernable, to come out of Mexico. [12], For many years Suárez was a partner and activist with Greenpeace,[8][36] after beginning a campaign with them for the protection of Mexican maize in 2006. Summary: Eduardo Andia is 79 years old today because Eduardo's birthday is on 04/21/1941. This was presented to her during a performance of A Doll's House, Part 2, where she played the lead. [18] She then dated actor Osvaldo de León between 2009 and 2010. [3], In 2015, Suárez directed a short play, saying she would consider more directing, but only in theater;[30] she says theater is her "greatest passion" and "refuge". With the fast pace of TV and the internet, these days it takes a lot to make me actually LOL.But Netflix's dramedy novela centered on a Mexican family and their flower shop is … [35] She is also vocal about sexism within the Mexican film industry and has supported the Me Too movement. Although she will not be returning for season two, her presence is sure to be felt. [b] After her son was born in 2010 she chose to stay in Mexico City for work. [13] Gaining international recognition for her role as Paulina de la Mora in The House of Flowers,[24] Suárez remained with the streaming network to star in more works created by Caro[16] and voice a role in the Spanish-language version of Netflix's first animated feature film. Veronica Castro Castro plays the matriarch of the de la Mora family and is a legendary Mexican actress who is known for her performances in telenovelas. [20] In 2009, she was nominated for an Emmy Award for playing La Bambi, being the first Spanish-speaking actress to receive such a nomination. (See: "A Cecilia Suárez la colman de fe-li-ci-ta-cio-nes en España", "Cecilia Suárez: "Nos vemos, papá" fue premonitoria", "Cecilia Suárez, de 'La casa de las Flores', y sus potenciales planes de mudarse a Madrid", "Cecilia Suárez: "No voy a interpretar a una bomba sexual porque no dignifica mi género, "De estrella de Netflix a madrileña de adopción: "No sé si la gente de aquí valora lo que tiene, "Acting alum Cecilia Suarez makes her way back to campus", "En México el machismo es cultura: Cecilia Suárez", "Rep Sheet Roundup: ICM Partners Signs NASCAR Champ Kurt Busch", "2019 Special Jeff Award Goes To Teatro Vista", "Cecilia Suárez & Manolo Caro on their Two Decades of Friendship and Creative Collaboration", "Esta es la razón por la que Cecilia Suárez le dijo no a Hollywood", "1967: Llega al mundo el actor Juan Manuel Bernal", "Cecilia Suárez y el reto de actuar en Capadocia", "Cecilia Suárez atrapada en el letargo de la muerte. [47] She received a nomination for an International Emmy in the Best Performance by an Actress category in 2009, for her role of La Bambi in the TV series Capadocia; she became the first native Spanish speaker and first Mexican to be nominated for this award. Reed Hastings, Manolo Caro and Cecilia Suárez pose during Casa Netflix Cocktail Party in Bogota, Colombia. You must be logged in to post a comment [17], Suárez starred in the film Nos vemos, papá, which focuses on how grief is expressed, exploring this through her character's response to the death of her father. Basically none. (SOUNDBITE OF TV SHOW, "CASA DE LAS FLORES") CECILIA SUAREZ: (As Paulina de la Mora, speaking Spanish). Beyond campaigning against femicide, Suárez is also an activist for human rights and women's rights in Mexico and in Mexican media. [12] She graduated as valedictorian of the theater program in 1995, receiving the Jean Scharfenberg Scholarship. Perhaps the most admirable thing about this character is her iron strength — her determination to protect the one she loves the most, which is her son. María Cecilia Suárez de Garay, known professionally as Cecilia Suárez (Mexican Spanish pronunciation: [seˈsilja ˈswaɾes]; born November 22, 1971),[1] is a Mexican actress and a prominent activist working with the United Nations and European Union campaigning against femicide and violence against women. Cecilia Suarez, an Emmy International nominated Mexican actress, plays Paulina whose slow and deliberate accent has led fans around the world to try to replicate her accent. A) Our job is not to give messages. It was an intense job of listening and concentration. Most sources say that Suárez attended the University of Illinois, but she is listed as a '95 alumnus of Illinois State by this institution. Q) What was the process that you follow in order to build this character? [9], Suárez has said she never dreamed of being an actor. She graduated class valedictorian in 1995 and received the Jean Sharfenberg award. Despite many of her films from this period being attached to Caro, Suárez says she does not feel boxed-in as an actress, nor like she is playing it safe, as she works with Caro on projects that she knows he has put a lot of care into and that are challenging. [39][c], In 2001, Suárez was in a relationship with García Bernal,[40][41] and the two were still being linked after starring in 2002's Fidel together. Looking at the divisions that proliferate around the world, this story makes us wonder if this type of path is the one that allows us to build a future for each individual and everyone. Q) What is it about your character that resonated with you and pushed your boundaries as an actress? Q) What is the message that you would like to send to your fans and supporters out there? (SOUNDBITE OF TV SHOW, "CASA DE LAS FLORES") CECILIA SUAREZ: (As Paulina de la Mora, speaking Spanish). A) Stay cool and send Trump to his Trump tower! Cecilia Suárez, Actress: La casa de las flores. Born in Tampico, México, Cecilia Suárez started her acting career when she entered the Theater Faculty of the Illinois State University (USA) in 1991. A) The accent of a Mexican with a “Castilian Spanish” was something that the director asked me to do two weeks before filming began, so it was a challenge to prepare for due to the short time and lack of a coach. She has been honored with three lifetime achievement awards; she was the first woman to receive Mexico's lifetime achievement award in cinema. Suarez, an Emmy International specified Mexican star, plays Paulina whose quiet, thoughtful accent has led followers around the globe to try to replicate her significance. However, I didn’t think making Paulina lead character was done well because she had no character development. Or in this case, to Carmen Maura. The latest from La Casa de Papel creator Alex Pina,this mystery is set on the Spanish island of Ibiza. [10] In the late 1990s she starred in Sex, Shame and Tears, the second film of the Nuevo Cine Mexicano, which was "her first triumph". [31][32] In 2009 she wrote the chapter "Una habitación propia" ("A room of one's own") for the book Gritos y susurros II: experiencias intempestivas de otras 39 mujeres. Brooks. [55], Suárez has had over 60 film and television roles, and over 30 theatrical ones, with over 20 combined awards and nominations for her performances.[b]. Julian is back with Diego who i am so sorry that i ever doubted, my son, i love him, bless that guy. [29] She has said that she enjoys playing diverse roles and performing in different genres. [53], In 2019, Suárez co-hosted the 6th Platino Awards, where she also won for playing Paulina de la Mora in The House of Flowers, in the Best Actress (TV) category. La Casa de Las Flores (The House of Flowers) is one of the latest original Netflix series offerings – a telenovela set in Mexico City which follows the lives of the de la Mora family members and their web of dramas that started when Roberta committed suicide by hanging herself inside the House of Flowers. [33], Suárez is known to combat injustices in Mexico by using her platform to speak out on issues; Caro has said that she has faced backlash because people in Mexico are not used to such direct speech. Across 10 episodes, the drama dives into a decades-old case to find the killer of Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries), a Manchester-born D.J. Topped off with Cecilia Suárez’s character Paulina de la Mora’s popular stretched accent, the comedy-drama has spawned two successful seasons. Her performance credits involve Miss Bala and Netflix’s Easy. Looking at each other is, for them, an act of vindication with the fact and conviction that there are other ways of living. [48] In 2004 and 2005 she was nominated for the Mexican MTV Movie Award, for roles in Sin ton ni sonia and Puños Rosas. Beyond her circumstances, the character of Mina is capable of acting and it is that spirit of struggle and power despite her surroundings what interested me the most. Login, Copyright © Starry Constellation Magazine. She moved to the United States in 1991[10] for university, attending Illinois State University;[11][a] having intended to study law, she instead moved into theater,[3] inspired by her older sister Mafer. [54] She won this again for the same role in 2020. Carmen Maura Cecilia Suárez Ester Expósito Ernesto Alterio Alejandro Speitzer Isaac Hernández Carlos Cuevas Mariola Fuentes Pilar Castro Juan Carlos Vellido Eduardo ... Charming comic Michael McIntyre talks family, technology, sharks, accents and the time he confused himself for a world leader in this stand-up special. [19] During the 2000s she was nominated for her first Ariel Award, among other accolades. As the show dealt with more intense topics and was one of the first shows based around different personalities in a women's prison, Suárez spent time researching and then mentally preparing for both roles. [44] They split in August 2010, shortly after their son was born. Q) Mina is very protective of her son, Gabino. Tía Victoria: Famous Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera (who also voiced Carmen Sánchez on The Book of Life). [laughs]. [b] She began starring in the HBO series Capadocia in 2008, first playing female prisoner La Bambi and then returning to the show as a prison psychologist after Bambi died. Her acting credits include 'Miss Bala' and Netflix’s 'Easy'. Does she want him to have the future she was once denied or is she trying to shelter him from the bad that the world holds? [3] She was one of five representatives to give a speech when opening the UN and European Union's 2019 €50 million Spotlight Initiative campaign to end femicide in Latin America. | LoftCinema", "Cecilia Suárez, Aislinn Derbez y Miguel Rodarte en primeras imágenes de Macho", "Carmen Maura Toplines Invicta Films' 'The Kids Are Back, "Netflix adelanta la Navidad con el estreno de 'Klaus, "Cecilia Suárez: "Prefiero trabajar en mi idioma y en mi país, "Relevo en La casa de las flores, Juego de series en Diario Informacion", "Regresa al teatro Cecilia Suárez con Love Song", "Cecilia Suárez, actriz de La Casa de Las Flores, no quiere promover el "imperio" de Hollywood", "Cecilia Suárez, la primera mujer en recibir el Premio Cuervo Tradicional", "La actriz mexicana Cecilia Suárez nominada al Emmy vuelve al cine con una historia de amor", "Cecilia Suárez + Rafael Sarmiento=TNT + Film", "Conoce las curiosidades de 'La Casa de las Flores': La serie mexicana de Netflix de la que se está hablando | Guioteca.com", "Media advisory: UN Women at the UN General Assembly 2019", "Celebrities promote Spotlight's digital engagement campaign", "Event: Spotlight on femicide in Latin America", "Paulina Challenge, el desafío viral que surgió de un curioso personaje de la serie "La Casa de las Flores, "Las mujeres que conquistaron el corazón de Gael", "Te presentamos al novio de Cecilia Suárez", "Cecilia Suárez se separa del papá de su hijo", "Osvaldo de León y su relación con Ceci Suárez", "Este es el drama que tiene Cecilia Suárez, la estrella de 'la casa de las flores' con el padre de su hijo", "Osvaldo de León rompe el silencio sobre su trato con Cecilia Suárez", "Cecilia Suarez, Santiago Segura to host Platino Awards", "Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara (México): Premio del público; Mejor actriz (Cecilia Suárez); Premio Guerrero de la Prensa al Mejor Largometraje Mexicano de Ficción", "¿Quién es Cecilia Suárez, la mexicana que ha revolucionado el mundo de las series", "Recibe Cecilia Suárez el premio Cuervo Tradicional en el FICM", "Le otorgan a Cecilia Suárez el premio de Actitud Expresiva", "Homenajean a Cecilia Suárez en 'Después de casa de muñecas, "Nombran a Gael y Cecilia Huéspedes distinguidos de Morelia", "Alfonso Cuaron's 'Roma' Nabs Nine Nominations for 6th Premios Platino", "Pedro Almodóvar's 'Pain and Glory' Sweeps 7th Platino Xcaret Awards", Guadalajara International Film Festival Award for Best Actress, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cecilia_Suárez&oldid=990856918, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 22:16. [16] Suárez starred in his works, as well as the works of her sister, among other projects. De León refuted the allegations, though the order was ruled in Suárez's favor. Netflix says viewership is still high for the show, and fans love returning actress Cecilia Suarez. It was an intense job of listening and concentration. [3][16], After the success of Sex, Shame and Tears, Suárez worked largely in major motion pictures in the early 2000s, including in Hollywood films Spanglish, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, and The Air I Breathe. ; If you haven't watched on Netflix yet, here's the official trailer for season 2. The film was released shortly after Suárez's own father died at the end of 2012. [27] However, she has explained that she has no objection to working in Hollywood when the role is right, having only taken a break from international productions to settle down when her son was born[26] – she also took a four-year break from theater after becoming pregnant. A) The different points of view that exist under the same roof – it is the great metaphor of an entire nation where everyone could coexist with the respect for differences. Aislinn Derbez Derbez is a Mexican actress and model. A) For me, the attraction between them has to do with the environment in which they inhabit. Aislinn Derbez (Getty Images) Aislinn Derbez is a Mexican actress and model. With de León, Suárez has a son, Teo. Spanish uses a lot of syllables per minute, in other words, Spanish is a language that packs more words per thought but in the same amount of time, so they have to speak faster. Before moving to Eduardo's current city of Lanoka Harbor, NJ, Eduardo lived in Sea Bright NJ, Bayville NJ and Highlands NJ. Posts about Cecilia Suárez written by paddylastinc. [3] She has three sisters, including the director Mafer Suárez;[4] her father was Engino "Ben"[5][6] and her mother is Ma̰ Elena. In news sources, Suárez is referred to as the UN Global Ambassador Against Femicide. Anxious People. Cecilia Suarez Suarez, an Emmy International nominated Mexican actress, plays Paulina whose slow, the deliberate accent has led fans around the world to try to replicate her accent. [25], Alejandro Mancilla, profiling the actress in 2018, wrote that although Suárez does not like working in telenovelas and only did a few at the start of her career, "the essence of Suárez is in her work in movies and series whose content and setting is eminently Mexican". It is asking questions.

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