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If you are interested in booking training over this period, please book or register your interest to any of our upcoming courses. The Cambridge Computational Biology Institute (CCBI), based in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, has relevant Masters and PhD programmes, with faculty drawn from medicine, biology and physical sciences. We may use cookies to record some preference settings and to analyse how Author summary As data size and complexity increase in life science research, so the need for bioinformatics training has increased. You can delete or disable these cookies in your We may use cookies to record some preference settings and to analyse how The Bioinformatics Training Facility is located in the Craik-Marshall Building, next to the Department of Genetics. The Bioinformatics Training Network (BTN) is a global community-led project aimed to provide pragmatic solutions for the exchange of expertise, training materials and training experiences. Non-members of … you use our web site. However, our team is still scheduling as many online courses as possible and continue to provide access to live, high quality training via alternative online delivery methods. Bioinformatics Training The following Bioinformatics Training events, taking place at the University of Cambridge, are currently open for booking. Such training targets primarily life scientists, at graduate and postgraduate level, and covers three major areas: Courses are led by trainers from the University of Cambridge and collaborating institutions, including the European Bioinformatics Institute, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the Babraham Institute. Training Access a wealth of world-leading training in bioinformatics and scientific service provision, regardless of your career stage or sector. Computing courses including scientific programming The University Information Services run a wide and increasing range of short training courses all year and has a number of teach-yourself modules available. Apply to Bioinformatics jobs now hiring in Cambridge on, the world's largest job site. The BSU PhD Programme provides opportunities for students from the mathematical sciences or related subjects to enter the world of biostatistics and benefit from rigorous training while engaging with […] These training activities aim at enabling life scientists to effectively handle and interpret biological data. Courses providing an introduction to programming languages, statistics and best programming practices, Courses focusing on how to get the most out of publicly available biological data and resources, Courses covering analysis methodologies for a wide range of data types. Bioinformatics is an official journal of the International Society for Computational Biology, the leading professional society for computational biology and bioinformatics. Deadline for booking is 1 November 2018 Venue The course will be held at the Bioinformatics Training Facility located in Craik-Marshall Building, Downing Site, University of … This course provides an introduction to statistics illustrated though the use of the R language. others in use) are detailed in our site privacy and cookie policies and are Following the above links, you will find detailed information on our courses and you will be able to book a place, or register your interest for an event, through the University Training Booking System. Provide practical experience with, and guidance on, how to manage and analyse examples of biological data. An introduction to solving biological problems with Python, High Performance Computing: An Introduction, Introduction to working with UNIX and bash, Bioinformatics resources for protein biology, Biological data analysis using InterMine (User Interface and API), COSMIC: Integrating and interpreting the world’s knowledge of somatic mutations in cancer, EMBL-EBI: An introduction to sequence searching, EMBL-EBI: Bioinformatics resources for exploring disease related data, EMBL-EBI: Introduction to the European Nucleotide Sequence Archive, EMBL-EBI: Network analysis with Cytoscape and PSICQUIC, EMBL-EBI: Ontologies in life sciences - examples from GO and EFO, EMBL-EBI: Protein Sequence Databases with UniProt, Open Targets: Integrating genetics and genomics for disease biology and translational medicine, An Introduction to Data Exploration, Experimental Design, and Biomarker Expression Analysis using JMP Software Tools, Analysis of DNA methylation using sequencing, Bioinformatics for Biologists: An introduction to Data Exploration, Statistics, and Reproducibility, Bioinformatics for Principal Investigators, Data Science: Machine learning applications for life sciences, Exploring, visualising and analysing proteomics data in R, Extracting biological information from gene lists, Introduction to metabolomics and its application in life-sciences, KNIME: Practical introduction to KNIME Analytics platform and its application in bioinformatics, Ontologies and ontology-based data analysis, R object-oriented programming and package development, Transcriptome Analysis for Non-Model Organisms, Using CellProfiler and CellProfiler Analyst to analyse biological images, High Performance Computing at the University of Cambridge, Open access at the University of Cambridge, Bioinformatics training at the Babraham Institute, Collection of high-throughput sequencing training materials. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive emails about upcoming courses. The Facility offers over 35 different training courses in 'basic skills and programming', 'databases and services' and 'specialized training'. Please note that if you are not eligible for a University of Cambridge Raven account you will need to book or register your interest by linking here . web browser if you wish but then our site may not work correctly. integral to our web site. The course is intended for mathematicians, computer scientists and others wishing to learn about the subject in preparation for a PhD course or a career in industry. 2nd - 4th September 2019 Bioinformatics Training Room, Craik-Marshall Building, Downing Site, University of Cambridge - Select training provider - (Bioinformatics) Select training provider: All providers Amicus Training Bioinformatics Cambridge Admissions Office Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning Cambridge Digital Humanities This training is required across a wide variety of audiences, but varies in the level of detail and content that needs to be delivered. Visit the Graduate Admissions web site for more information on our Masters and PhD programmes. Members of the society receive a 15% discount on article European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) - Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SD, United Kingdom 17th May - 21st May This course will focus on the analysis of data from genomic studies of Cancer. RNAseq Data Analysis Course, Cambridge University Bioinformatics Training Facility, March 2019 - bioinformatics-core-shared-training/RNAseq_March_2019 The course is open to Graduate students, Postdocs and Staff members from the University of Cambridge, Affiliated Institutions and other external Institutions or individuals Please note that all participants attending this course will be charged a registration fee.

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