vidaxl customer service number

Due to the system issue, currently we don't support to send vidaXL customer service videos in MP4 format as proof. I have been Vidaxl Customer for quite long time, and I can only say good things, never experience bad customer service. Return. Please contact our customer service for more information. The assembly instructions were bad. Product information. Read about their experiences and share your own! * — Select — 1. vidaXL webshop (ordering / payment) 2. order never received and no customer service. Always got best service. Terrible service and late delivery. As I purchased via, I tried to request parts via my order on overstock, but does not offer parts replacement via overstock. Auction information. Our customer service department always tries to help in the best way possible - if you are still having issues with your order we would like to hear from you, and help you further. Every one of our customer service agents derives great satisfaction from solving problems every day. Ordered 17 day ago. Payment. Return. Discount is only valid on vidaXL branded products. If you are unable to resolve your concern within 10 business days of contacting our customer service department, then either party may file a claim pursuant to these Terms to resolve the dispute. Customer service number is disabled so you can’t call and every email you send to customer services you get different response back from a different person. vidaXL respects your privacy. Customer Service My account. Vidaxl — wish order of 4 acacia chairs 90.00 per order by company vidaxl and wish. Useful. For COVID-19 reasons, shipments in Italy by carrier BRT blocked some zip codes.Please click here for details. We are now faced with buying new chairs from a reputable company, not some overseas operation that hides their actual location and washes their hands of the shoddy products should the develop faults. 6,701 people have already reviewed vidaXL. Reply. Only by e-mail or a stupid chat. The parcels are since more than 15 days in my home town, but the carrier cannot deliver my parcels unless VidaXL sends them a new shipment number to send the additional parcel back. account_outline ... Get in touch with our Customer Service or find the answer in our FAQ. The chat is a computer which gives you useless answers. I needed 16 chairs only received 6 … The courier says that they didn't receive the order yet and VidaXL do not answer their emails. 179 people have already reviewed vidaXL. Customer Service . They were unable to find a record of it! Our promise. Only reinstates my original review about the type of people that own and run Vidaxl :) what a pity. Please kindly change MP4 format to another in adavnce, such as AVI and rmvb. We also offer customer service in the native language of all the countries that we are active in. vidaXL is an international online retailer. I have received nothing. They have said they have requested a new package me sent, but won't provide a new tracking number. Fraudulent only sent 2 chairs for 90.00 not what was advertised on wish. This is a scam process and a nasty business approach which takes your money $ 600 but you have no way to contact anyone via phone or email if you have a Guest Account Booking, so you cant make claims or make returns My Order number: 6110111856 Order date: 29 August 2020. Order. vidaXL respects your privacy. Auction information. Step 1: Check the return request and expected solution from your end customer are valid in Applicable solutions.If not, deny your end customer’s request. ... To VidaXL: Issue number #4610490515 Useful. Trying to speak with customer service at is impossible, as the phone number provided on overstock is never answered. Most concerns involving this Website can be resolved quickly and efficiently through our customer service department. I ordered 2 wicker garden recliners, which both were missing parts. Share. The customer is obliged to bring (photographic) evidence. Upon inspection vidaXL will decide upon one of … Contact Us Request your end customer to … Vida XL pretend that it was sent though GLS. The lengths some people will go to shrug off their responsibility and a bad review! They also don't have a phone number. if anyone wants proof of me having ordered from vidaxl, the order number is #471040283. For me the last time to order by VidaXL. ... please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at Wishing you a lovely day. After a few weeks, no sign of my item, and tracking showing it was never handed to the courier, I contacted vidaXL with the order number. Every vidaXL web shop has its own customer service. account_outline Your account. They requested I sent the order receipt and PayPal transaction receipt and several other details. I ordered a sunbed. Product information. "We offer a surprising range of products consisting of thousands of articles from categories like home, garden, garage, DIY and clothing." Unfortunately, there is no real customer support or phone number. 21 Customer ... and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints. I have tried everything. How to request a return. After three days the package was not send to me. Unfortunately I lost 400.00 dollars, however, they have lost my business over a lifetime! GLS tracking says that the sunbed was delivered to me. Read about their experiences and share your own! Share. The automatic responses from VidaXL customer services simply do not bother read, understand or care about issues their customers raise. You can unsubscribe at any time. We sell our products to customers in 27 European countries, the United States and Australia, and are always hard at work to expand and reach even more customers. If the customer requests return and refund, follow the Standard Return page. i cannot access my account on the vidaxl website. Ordered at: Delivered by TOLL_AU Make sure your end customer is aware of this. Order. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 179 citing the order number and item number. Payment. COVID-19. VidaXL sent my order twice, yet with only a single shipment number. ... Sub quality products and no customer service what so ever. About Step 2: Send a request for missing parts to vidaXL CS and include: Order number; SKU with missing parts; Step 3: vidaXL CS will provide you with a part list. Promissed me to send the package within three days. Moreover, in all countries in which we are active, we offer customer service in the native language. Step 3: vidaXL CS will confirm back if the address change was successful or not. Shipping & delivery. The teams are ready to answer all customer questions, and to resolve any issues with an order or product as quickly as possible, in the customers’ native language. Customer service My account. Ridiculous and most annoying customer service I've ever experienced. Discount is only valid on vidaXL branded products. vidaXL is an international online retailer. You can make use of our chat to get an answer.Opening times: Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 17:00. vidaXL respects your privacy. You can always contact us via phone, chat or by email at However, it is possible to retract a bid before the end of an auction, but only in exceptional circumstances. Step 2: Provide the following details to vidaXL CS that you will have received from your end customer: Order number; New delivery address; Note: please try Chat first if there is no tracking number yet. Got a shipping confirmation within 24 hours with a tracking number. Customer Service Department. Shipping & delivery. update: A day after opening a dispute on PayPal they sent the item. Customer service has been atrocious. Reply. VidaXL is not reachable by phone. Auction information. Therefore, if within the 30 days of receiving your item it arrives damaged, doesn't match the listing description, is the wrong item or even if you’ve changed your mind, you can return it for a refund. Get in touch with our Customer Service or find the answer in our FAQ. What can we improve so it will be (more) likely that you would recommend vidaXL? I have received one item that is defective and 2 items have not … When you place a bid on vidaXL, you enter a binding contract. I have complained about incorrect delivery for a long time and still have not received what I paid for 18.04.2020 It is impossible to contact customer service as the phone number provided on their site is incorrect. "We offer a surprising range of products consisting of thousands of articles from categories like home, garden, garage, DIY and clothing." VidaXl Black High Gloss Furniture (Very Disappointing) Purchased a High Gloss cabinet from VidaXl (selling on EBay) the delivery was excellent, but the quality of the cabinet was very poor. Useful. account_outline ... Get in touch with our Customer Service or find the answer in our FAQ. Check your order status, delivery status, invoice and more in your account. They sent back an email through Overstock saying that I exceeded my 30 days so unfortunately I could not return the vidaXL chase lounge chairs. In which of the following categories does your answer fits best? You can unsubscribe at any time. I ordered a Dog Kennel from Vidaxl and… I ordered a Dog Kennel from Vidaxl and only 3 of the 4 packages were delivered. Exceptional circumstances: You … Nothing but an attempt to erase bad customer feedback over Trustpilot. Item was well packed but the protective film was scored and scratched in many many places. Payment. Discount is only valid on vidaXL branded products. Customer Service My account. Customer Complaints . Kind regards, Sara Castro/vidaXL Margaret B 1 review. vidaXL offers its customers a 30-day cooling off period. Shipping & delivery. Order. As a customer of vidaXL you can hold us to the following promises: Return. VidaXL has awful,awful, awful customer service! Read about their experiences and share your own! These photographs need to be (digitally) date marked and sent to either an e-mail address provided by the drop shipper or directly to local customer service emails . NOTE: For Australia and Norway, some fees are applicable for the reason Not As Expected as described in Return Costs. Always got best service. COVID-19. 293 people have already reviewed vidaXL. You can unsubscribe at any time. Received a confirmation order number but never recieved a confirmation email. Product information. Please check our FAQs to find an answer to your question.

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