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Anybody know what would be as good? Maybe I'll just get both! The Pure PAF model pickup has a relatively loud output and it doesn’t break up at higher volumes. Coil Offset: Very High First Name. : A2 long / Scooped mids, chimey highs, warm sweet tones, loose feel. You can also share ReWind Electric – Medium Output PAF Set – 2012 Jordan Caulfield Video videos that you like on your Facebook account, find more fantastic video from your friends and share your ideas with your friends about the videos that interest you. I have a set of regular custombuckers and a set or ReWind low outputs. Inductance @ 1kHz:  6.011 / 5.596 H Combined with the appropriate electronics, guitar, rig and style, these pickups helped jimmy the door open and turned the page of music to the next chapter. * Please fill all required fields. Coil Offset: Medium These are amazing pickups. Many parts are proudly made in-huose at ReWind. Based on the OT's description -- if it is the pickup -- it's most likely a failing solder connection in the pickup, which is a pretty simple fix. I prefer low-output, clean, bright pickups. Since then I have stuffed my guitars with ReWind Electric pickups. Putting a Humbucker through a 250K pot will most likely sound like your amp has a “mud blanket” on it. Shop with confidence on eBay! Don’t be a rookie: check out our article here to become a pot-selecting wizard! Shoot him an email, tell him about your rig and what you're looking for and then just do what he tells you. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. Could just be pole adjustment. A better representation is not likely to be found. With enough warmth for a thick vocal solo on the bridge, but still a great deal of open clarity on the lower notes in the neck position. Inductance @ 1kHz:  X.X / X.X H The stock transformer still actually “worked” somewhat – but the power output was very low, probably about 1/5 of what the amp should have been producing. Knowing which pot value your pickup needs is the best way to solve this. Bright overall, but full and balanced, with the very characteristic metallic chirp in the upper-mids and lower-treble that has defined the PAF voice on so many classic recordings. DCR:  About 8.5k / 8.8k Ohms First place winner of the 2013 Canadian PAF Shootout, the PAF-1 Set represents the fat, bold and woody side of the PAF range. Inductance @ 1kHz:  4.42 / 4.82 H Slowly, using this process, combined with well-documented information about PAFs of this era, eventually the goal was realized in a pickup set that reproduces those distinct sounds authentically. DCR:  About 7.2k / 7.3k Ohms Another result of the high coil offset in this pickup set is their amazing ability to split into single coil mode without the typical drop in output and bass, normally associated with running humbuckers in single coil mode. All versions of the C run-time libraries.. Brighter and with less midrange than the Creme Brûlée set. Tags: PAF REWIND lecture 2009 Czech Republic Pavel HruboÅ¡ Interdisciplinary forms of animation are among the pillars of the Festival of Film Animation. Search Keyword: Total 54 results found. More treble than “AlNiCo II Long A” but not as bright, overall, as “AlNiCo II Short.” Magnets: Degaussed Long Custom AlNiCo II. The most defining aspect of this bridge pickup is the very specific hollow vocal quality to the midrange. The charm of this set is the high coil offset, resulting in a blend of a single coil voice with the traditional humbucker sound. The problem with the ReWinds is that I should have just sold that guitar (rather than upgrading). ... been down this road eons ago and now i'm addicted to low output PAF. The coils are not wound backwards, nor are they wired in reverse, but the coils of this neck pickup are unique from all other ReWind humbucker coils. Might try a different bridge. This set is great for guitars that have a particularly muddy neck position that has trouble sounding clear with many neck pickups or for those who play the pickup selector switch as a “channel switching” setup, swapping between a clean neck pickup sound and a hot lead sound on the bridge. ReWind Electric AlNiCo III magnets have even response with less midrange than AlNiCo II and AlNiCo V types, more treble than AlNiCo II types, less treble than AlNiCo V, less compression than all other AlNiCo types, and low output. The resulting sound is a warm and tight pickup set, with a woody, punchy midrange, that stays open and breathy on the top end. .022uF caps are recommended for both pickups’ tone controls. Mercury Magnetics ™ offers three choices for replacement 50 watt output transformers and I had the opportunity to try two of them. Submit Review. Greatest detail on the lower frets of the wound strings. Warmer with a more prominent woody midrange than the PAF-1 A4 set. A3 long / Very weak, nice clarity for use in P90 pickups but very low output for PAF pickups. Happy Easter! Maybe I'll just get both! Don't fear the higher DCR of the neck pickup over that of the bridge. Warmer and higher output bridge pickup and less complex middle position, compared to the ReWind Electric JPPost72 Set. At the end of the 1960’s, Gibson changed some things about the materials and design of their humbuckers. DCR:  About 8.6k / 8.2k Ohms A Telecaster with low-output single coils will sound pretty awful through 500K pots, too. Lightly used very low output PAF. + more info, , , , , 0:03. mp3 wav. These are amazing pickups. Copied from a beautiful sounding set of 1958 originals, which had distinctly different wire specs and coil designs for the slug and screw coils, these pickups blend the independent and complimentary voicings of the two coils into a collaborative duet of rich complexity. The warmest and most vocal set of the standard ReWind Electric vintage humbucker lineup. The Virtual PAF captures the finest qualities of 50's and 60's humbuckers. More treble and compression and less midrange than the ReWind Electric Low Output A4 P A F Set. DiMarzio is the originator of the first replacement pickup. MADE in USA. Inductance @ 1kHz:  5.306 / 5.531 H Only through this method have I found some very unorthodox choices. PAF Book [3] ReWind Electric Retro Wound Pickups [1595] PAF Style Pickups [750] Aged Open Coil Low Output PAF Set [3] NOS Wire & Vintage Magnets True Kalamazoo Set [21] Heavily Aged Vintage Pulls Series PAF-1 Set [18] Ed A Vintage Pulls Series Heavy Aged JPPre72 Set [67] Heavy Aged Vintage Pulls Series PAF-1 Set [60] Full of character and interesting complexities, while remaining clean and honest. Magnets: Custom AlNiCo III. Coil Offset: Medium Under different circumstances I would for sure keep them. I prefer 50’s wiring on my Gibson’s. Hot Koss Darkburst A3 Marshall. I have them in a custom 22, they're my fave humbuckers sounding good through anything. More midrange and less treble than other sets, with an open and breathy extended top end clarity. ReWind ElectricLow Output PAF SetLong A2 MagnetsNeck 6.73Bridge 7.28Amp: Mesa Mini RectifierCab: Marshall 1965AMic's: 2 SM57'sStrings: D' Addario 10's (Low Wind) These are the newer Low Output V2 Arguably the best PAF reproduction pickups on the market!! Coil Offset: Minimal The neck pickup is the same in both JPPre72 and JPPost72 sets. If you use 4 conductor wiring and control switches to split your humbuckers, this set will amaze you at how truly useful the single coil mode is. Capacitance @ 1kHz:  4.86 / 4.53 nF Magnets: Custom AlNiCo III, Demos: Howdy, Stranger! These pickups are exact replicas of two different 1959 PAFs, both being rather hot examples. The magnetic polarity is opposite of standard, but that is just the very beginning and only one of several distinctly unique design elements of the neck pickup of this set. These classic rock tones have eluded musicians and pickup manufacturers alike for years. It looks like you're new here. All pickups are built to order with the options selected and cannot be returned, even if unused. James is a monster with low output PAF types. Low Output PAF and Pat.# Humbucker Guitar Pickups. Capacitance @ 1kHz:  3.607 / 3.839 nF I prefer low-output, clean, bright pickups. I'm looking for an extra low output PAF style humbucker, somewhere under 8k. DCR:  About 7.7k / 7.8k Ohms I sell some pickups... All pickups are in excellent / mint condition with long cables. PAF + net art = Luhačovice. If it'll make the sale, I can put on a raw nickel cover. What are PAF pickups? The True Kalamazoo set brings James’s knowledge to life, recreating history down to the finest detail. Magnets: Long Custom AlNiCo V. More midrange and a little less treble than the regular T-Top Set. I talked to him last night and he suggested these to me, but I really can't make-up my mind. Exact clones of an early 1960's AlNiCo II PAF set, the Low Output PAFs truly capture the well known and classic sound of the last-of-the-run PAFs at the end of Kalamazoo’s glory days. Reverse engineered down to the finest detail. James' Low Output set And Electric City Pickups' RD-59 Low Winds. Bright and clean when you roll back the volume and thick and vocal when you roll up the volume and bring the tone control down. James' Low Output set And Electric City Pickups' RD-59 Low Winds. Brighter and tighter with more crispness than the P A F sets. The result is what most consider “T-Tops” but, specifically, these are the first generation of T-Tops more correctly referred to as “Patent Number Decal T-Tops.” The T-Top bobbins, themselves, would continue in use in other very different sounding designs all the way into the 80’s. Rating. A pickup set made in partnership with legendary author and guitar historian Mario Milan.

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