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St Heliers is one of the most popular and beautiful suburbs of Auckland – just fifteen minutes from the heart of the city, yet retaining its original seaside charm and identity. Clockwise from tall plant in centre: Strelitzia nicolai, ficus ‘Black Knight’, Spathiphyllum ‘Sensation’ (peace lily; far right), Asplenium nidus, Philodendron xanadu (far left) and Howea forsteriana (Kentia palm). The exquisite Philodendron Xanadu is one of the world’s great landscaping plants, made popular because of its lush and interesting foliage. Saved by Dave's Garden. Excellent for conservatories. It has a compact growth habit and is can be used indoors or out. PlantFiles Pictures: Philodendron 'Xanadu', 1 by KatG. Other names: P. Winterbourne. Feb 21, 2015 - PHILODENDRON XANADU - Description, Photos, Uses, Best Growing Condition for this plant. In regards to your watering routine, these plants like to dry slightly in between waterings, so always check the soil by sticking your finger about one inch down to make sure you’re not overwatering. ‘Flask’ for a super bold and unique look. Outdoors or indoors 1000mm W x 900mm H (Pot 420mmW x 350mm H) Philodendron xanandu. 469. Container: 2l ? They prefer full sun to part shade in rich free draining soils, in frost free areas. Unlike many other Philodendrons, Xanadu is an upright plant, not a vine or a climber. This vining Philodendron has quite a thick stem structure which can be grown into a unique formation with a simple thin stake to direct it, or a trellis for it to grow itself up. Make sure your poinsettias are not exposed to temperatures below 50°. The Xanadu has glossy green leathery leaves, and will tend to grow wider rather than taller. Tropical appearance. Moderate light, comfortable temperatures, moderate airflow, moderate moisture and humidity. Gardening. The Philodendron Hastatum Grey, or ‘Silver Sword’, has smooth grey foliage with a slight metallic fleck. Philodendron Xanadu . It is an excellent choice for low borders around the garden or plant on mass for maximum impact. Philodendron Xanadu (Philodendron selloum) 14cm Pot Plant. Xanadu maintains a dense shape and reaches 90-120cm in height and up to 1.5m in width. Explore. Philodendron 'Xanadu' This larger philodendron has dark green leaves and ruffled edges. your neon lights will shine for you… -large pot and plant Prefers a shelters spot in full sun or part shade. A very stunning landscape plant. PHILODENDRON XANADU - Description, Photos, Uses, Best Growing Condition for this plant : PHILODENDRON XANADU. In recent years it has become the most popular Philodendron in Florida. Saved from PHILODENDRON XANADU. Many of the different species, which come mostly from the tropical Americas, are … Potted into gorgeous Southland made ceramic pots by John Kalb. View this post on Instagram . Provide bright, indirect light and water when the top of the soil dries. ‘Xanadu’, the most cold tolerant has beautiful zig zag foliage and looks most impressive in large clusters under prized palm tree specimens. Out of Stock! Current Stock Height: 20/30 cm ? Best in full sun. Likes well drained conditions.Excellent for conservatories. Without something to grow upon… Best spot for the Xanadu is in an indirect to medium light position. The best part is, the older a Xanadu gets the better it looks. Suitable for coastal sites. Product Name Price Qty; PHIL XANAD 3L - 3L $29.99. P selloum was a popular garden plant in the late 20th century especially for tropical style gardens and landscapes. Maintenance free. These are stunners with their swollen bases. Philodendron xanadu || with a bit of love and care Xanadu's can grow into the most impressive indoor plants out! Maintenance free. Plants. Also known as Philodendron Selloum - … Xanadu grows in pots or in the ground forming large, neat looking clumps. Philodendron Xanadu was developed in Australia in the 1980’s and has become one of the most widely cultivated plants due to its reliability and consistency. […] Philodendron 'Xanadu' One of the parents of this beautiful hardy plant is Philodendron selloum which is indigenous to southern Brazil and adjacent Paraguay. The philodendron xanadu is a member of the plant family Araceae. Note for our Garden Centre customers: Due to seasonal variations in our plant displays in our Garden Centre, not all the products available through our online store are … Hardy little guy resistant to pest and diseases. Tropical appearance. It's often used as a perennial in frost-free climates like South Florida and is also called 'Winterbourn'. Habitat: A low-maintenance upright plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors. Philodendron 'Imperial Red' - is a native hybrid from China. A Xanadu is often wider than it is tall, reaching a height of 2-4ft. Philodendron Xanadu is a striking indoor plant that makes it a perfect accent to the home or office and can also be planted outdoors in mass for a tropical style garden embracing the feel of the jungle at a glance. Outdoors or indoors 1000mm W x 900mm H (Pot 420mmW x 350mm H) Philodendron xanandu ... xanadu. Callisia Bubbles (Callisia repens) 14cm Pot Plant ... flower wholesalers and related businesses nationwide. Lyndale Nurseries PO Box 81 022, Whenuapai, Auckland Phone +64 9 416 8482, Fax + 64 9 416 9268 E-Mail, Web The tropical Xanadu has glossy green, large lobed leaves. Philodendron Xanadu is a very easy care potted plant for indoor or outdoor use. From tropical Australia is a must-have for any sub-tropical garden. PHILODENDRON XANADU - Description, Photos, Uses, Best Growing Condition for this plant. Plant in full sun to part shade in well drained soil. The medium-size indented leaves are glossy green in color. Add to Cart. Care Advice. Glossy, deeply divided, dark blue-green leaves that can reach 40cm in length. Philodendron enjoy moderate to bright light, however not direct sunlight. Ideal subtropical for tub plantings. It usually does not get any bigger than 3 feet in height or width foliage unrolls as a dark red-burgundy color and fades to shades of green as it matures impressive plant both indoors and outdoors ... PHILODENDRON XANADU. Has a compact, tidy growth habit and rarely exceeds height of 1m and width 1m. Details. Native to Australia, Xanadu is an evergreen shrub that usually grows to about 2 or 3 feet. Keep adequately watered. Good in pots. Showing the single result. Philodendron Xanadu 14cm $ 29.99. Outdoors it looks great planted in the understory of your garden … Tropical appearance. The Xanadu philodendron is a large, compact houseplant that can be wider than it is tall. Regularly apply a high nitrogen liquid fertiliser. Send your photos, videos and tip-offs to, or call us on 0800 697 8833 Leaves may grow from 12 to 18 inches long. A post shared by Ron Goh | Jungle Loft NZ (@mrcigar) on Mar 12, 2019 at 1:23pm PDT. these plants are highly sought after for their large 'zagged' leaves and beautiful deep emerald green colour.Once established Xanadu's are easy care plants and can withstand a little neglect. Each shiny green leathery leaf has 15-20 distinct lobes. and a width of 3-5ft in ideal conditions. Philodendron Xanadu $ 39.99 Add to cart 330.00. Since the xanadu is a tropical plant, it prefers medium to bright indirect light. Great as indoor plant and outdoor. Ideal subtropical for tub plantings. Philodendron selloum || with a bit of love and care Xanadu's can grow into the most impressive indoor plants out! This hardy indoor plant has a compact growth habit with dark green, lobed leaves. Philodendron Xanadu is a large compact easy to grow plant. 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