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Because this is one of the best Sri Lankan recipes & it is better if we can share the correct recipe with future generation. The aroma of this dish will fill your kitchen and the taste would win you enough accolades. please feel free to set me straight! I am Amila. ( She started writing this blog in 2011 and still continuing. Hi,saw this comment just now….Hope you will enjoy preparing lamprais,I sometimes use aluminium foil when I cannot find banana leaves.BTW freezing is a great idea.I want to try cooking more next time…. Malinis Kitchen; 9930891875. Jeremy Osner | Dec 15, 2004 09:36 AM A friend directed me to this resource for Sri Lankan home cooking. --> Hope you will enjoy preparing this super delicious meal,and I appreciate to see your comments related with this recipe. Thanks a lot,I am sure this will come out tasty.Even the fragrance of banana leaf is added to it & this is a complete meal for any occasion, This looks awesome really authentic burgher lamprais but how many does it serve. To build a wish list, browse our site and when you find the product(s) you're looking for, click the 'Add to Wish List' button. Brahmins take her acceptance of new religion as a threat to their religion. Are you looking for a good resource for Sri Lankan recipes? hey, thanks for the great information! ! If you would like to share a picture of a recipe that is online, please All these are personal preferences. google_ad_height = 90; My mom was able to make this for lunch today. Two supreme lump crab cakes served with rice pilaf, homemade coleslaw and classic vegetable blend Grilled or Fried Red Snapper Fresh grilled or fried snapper with a garlic lemon butter wine sauce over rice served with macaroni & cheese and classic vegetable blend. Saved by Kristina Bright. Hello Anonymous,Thanks for the comment and feed back.This is the recipe I received as authentic lamprais. 🙂, Hi! Even I saw Lamprais recipe with adding turmeric to the rice in a website sharing Sri Lankan recipes.But as I know Lamprais is not a dish similar to yellow rice dish. The world's largest kitchen. Amy, Thanks for providing this recipe, too many recipes cut corners. Lamprais (Lump Rice) written by Amila Gamage Wickramarachchi May 11, 2011 Lamprais is a Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher cuisine, but nowadays it is not easy to find even the correct recipe. Ingredients. Hi,thanks for the comment.I cook for my family only & I am not very sure of a place to buy it.But I have seen some advertisements while browsing internet…Anyway you can ask somebody to cook for you buy giving this recipe,just a suggestion from me…, Hi Anu,I haven’t frozen this before ,so I dont know exactly how it would be…Anyway as any food can keep longer by freezing,this should be ok.But you may need to defrozt before baking or bake more time….Thanks for the comment,and it is a new suggestion,I will try too,if the taste is nice,it would be very helpful for busy life…:), Thanks for the recipe – your instructions are very easy to follow. They offer two protiens: Pork Barbecue and Chicken Barbecue, both of which you can order as a set with rice. Now all the dishes are cooked & ready for the final step of preparing lamprais. Arrange some of the meat curry, eggplant pickle, 3 meatballs and 5 banana chips around the rice. Ayubowan! So i decided to go there the next time. Here I am sharing the original recipe as I recieved.However when preparing it,I have used Chicken instead of all type of meats given in the recipe.Also I found that the quantity of chilly is high as per my taste.So in my cooking,I have adjusted chilli & Salt as per my taste. Now when reading the above list,the feeling is that we have to prepare a lot of new dishes & it takes a long time,isnt it?Even I thought so.However I only spent less than 2 hours to complete the Lamprais meal.Simply we can substitute the meal with Chicken curry,cutlets,Brinjal moju,Lunumiris with green chili,Chilli paste,Ash plantain fries & the cooked rice. mix is seasoned with onion, garlic, carrots, jicama, red jalapeno and cellophane noodles. -->, F e a t u r e d   R e c i p e Buriyani in Rice cooker Submitted by Julie,