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Mr. Biden’s transition officials were more pointed on Monday night, effectively saying that the Trump administration was reneging on promises made over the past six months to ensure a proper transfer of power if Mr. Biden won. 1800 F Street, N.W. The Honorable Emily Murphy . What does the letter do and why is it important? The Honorable Emily W. Murphy . Administrator . “Now that the election has been independently called for Joe Biden, we look forward to the GSA Administrator quickly ascertaining Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President-elect and Vice President-elect,” Ms. Psaki wrote. General Services Administration . “I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country,” the president tweeted. Under normal circumstances, Ms. Murphy’s decision would usually be prompted by the concession speech by the election’s loser, which is not a legal act, but it signals that both sides accept the result. (General Services Administration) According to a CNN report, Murphy has been in charge of the GSA since 2017, making her one of the long-serving Trump appointees. In a letter on Sunday from the nonpartisan Center for Presidential Transition, veterans of previous administrations warned, “While there will be legal disputes requiring adjudication, the outcome is sufficiently clear that the transition process must now begin.”. ... GSA Administrator Emily Murphy … [17][18][19] House Democrats alleged that this decision was influenced by Trump's desire to prevent a rival hotel being built on Pennsylvania Avenue. Biden’s pick for surgeon general had a crucial role in the N.C.A.A.’s pandemic response. Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images file Transition officials said one specific limitation at the moment is that Mr. Biden does not have access to a secure State Department facility that is normally used to route calls from foreign leaders hoping to congratulate the newly elected president. [11] During this stint, she attended a 2007 briefing of GSA political appointees by Karl Rove. [24][25] The next day, House Democrats sent Murphy a letter reading that her inaction was "undermining the orderly transfer of power, impairing the incoming Administration's ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, hampering its ability to address our nation's dire economic crisis, and endangering our national security. There is a skeleton staff at the office space that was provided by the government before the election. The transition officials said her inaction was preventing Mr. Biden’s teams from moving into government offices, including secure facilities where they can discuss classified information. [2], In March 2018, an Inspector General's report found that Murphy had a policy of permitting alcohol consumption on agency property. The letter came from the General Services Administration's Emily Murphy after weeks of delay. But people familiar with Mr. Biden’s transition said there was a partial workaround: Many of the people still working in the federal agencies were close to Mr. Biden’s advisers and might be willing to work with them to provide the unclassified information they need. ("Jim") Murphy Jr. was chairman of Murphy Company Mechanical Contractors and Engineers, and her mother, Mimi Murphy (née Webster), was an attorney. administrator ascertains the apparent successful candidate once a winner is clear based on the process laid out in the Constitution.”. The head of the General Services Administration (GSA), Emily W. Murphy, has a key role now. But Mr. Biden’s aides said that the dispute in 2000 involved one state with only about 500 ballots separating the winner and loser, far less than in the current contest. Currently, she … By Ed Mazza General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy , who has refused to authorize the transition process for President-elect Joe Biden , fired off her first tweet in nearly two weeks on Wednesday and it wasn’t what anyone was expecting: Emily W. Murphy has the legal authority to begin the transition, releasing the $6.6 million in federal funds budgeted for the effort, making office space available and empowering team members to visit agency offices and request information. [11][12] On November 10, four former Secretaries of Homeland Security—Tom Ridge, Michael Chertoff, Janet Napolitano, and Jeh Johnson—called upon Murphy to initiate the transition. Administrator . Administrator . [11][20], The GSA administrator is the government official responsible for "ascertaining" the existence of an upcoming transition of the presidency, thus permitting the president-elect and their staff access to federal agencies and transition funds. Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images … [21][3], Before the 2020 election, Murphy spoke with David Barram, who was President George W. Bush's GSA administrator during the 2000 election, about the appropriate steps to take during a possible transition of power. GSA’s normal role is as the leading civilian procurement agency. Those review teams made up of people knowledgeable about each federal agency are critical. The head of the General Services Administration (GSA), Emily W. Murphy, has a key role now. Emily Murphy fired off her first tweet in nearly two weeks and it's not what anyone expected. administrator has not waited for the outcomes of such challenges. After November 7, 2020, when Joe Biden became generally acknowledged as the winner of the 2020 election, Murphy did not immediately issue a letter doing so, thus preventing Biden's transition team from federal support to facilitate an orderly transition of power. And so the transfer of power that must take place is in limbo. The course of President-elect Joe Biden's transition to power following the 2020 presidential election is dependent in part on an obscure declaration called "ascertainment." Pamela D. Pennington, a spokeswoman for the G.S.A., said in a statement on Monday that “an ascertainment has not yet been made.”, She added that the “G.S.A. “I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country,” the president tweeted. Dear Administrator Murphy: We request that you brief us immediately on your ongoing refusal to grant the Biden-Harris Transition Team access to critical services and facilities specified in the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 "[28], General Services Administration leadership, Learn how and when to remove this template message, United States House Committee on Armed Services, United States House Committee on Small Business, Attempt to dispute the apparent results of the 2020 United States Presidential Election, "Senate Clears Emily Murphy as Next GSA Administrator", "A little-known Trump appointee is in charge of handing transition resources to Biden — and she isn't budging", "GSA ascertains Joe Biden is 'apparent winner' of election, clears way for the transition from Trump administration to formally begin", "St. Louis native faces tough task heading Trump's federal procurement, facilities office", "Emily Murphy Confirmed to Lead the U.S. General Services Administration", "Trump taps St. Louis native to head federal agency", "Senate okays St. Louis native Murphy to head government's General Services Administration", "Nomination of Emily W. Murphy to be Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration", "Who's Emily Murphy, the woman blamed for holding up the Biden transition? Emily Murphy, administrator of the Government Services Administration, at a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on March 13, 2019. The officials, speaking on background to reporters on Monday night, said it was nearly unprecedented for Emily W. Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, to refuse to issue a letter of “ascertainment,” which allows Mr. Biden’s transition team to begin the transfer of power. Washington, D.C. 20405 . 1800 F Street, N.W. After graduating from Smith College, Murphy moved to Washington, D.C., where she began her career at the Republican National Committee. Ms. Murphy is an unlikely figure to be at the center of such an explosive situation: She is a low-key bureaucrat who began her career as a Republican staff member on Capitol Hill and professes her love of procurement reform and lease renegotiations. Emily W. Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, must formally recognize President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. for the transfer of power to begin. This week, all eyes are on the Trump-appointed General Services Administration administrator, Emily W. Murphy, to recognize Joe Biden as … I’m back with Emily Murphy, Administrator of the General Services Administration. Murphy is the head of the General Services Administration, the unglamorous bit of the federal government that actually runs the federal government. [5] She has a brother and a sister. She then worked as a staff member for Jim Talent while he served as Chair of the House Committee on Small Business from January 1997 to July 1998, before leaving to pursue a law degree. WASHINGTON — The General Services Administration ascertained Monday that President-elect Joe Biden is the “apparent winner” of the Nov. 3 election, clearing the way for the start of the transition from President Donald Trump’s administration and allowing Biden to coordinate with federal agencies on plans for taking over on Jan. 20. [10], Murphy previously served as counsel at the United States House Committee on Armed Services, where she specialized in acquisition policy and reform. Washington, D.C. 20405 . However there are some fellow citizens who have failed to earn or deserve my respect. General Services Administration . The teams cannot meet with their counterparts in agencies or begin background checks of top cabinet nominees that require top-secret access. But that would not solve the problem of gaining access to classified information, which could affect the ability of Mr. Biden’s national security team to prepare itself for emergencies that it may have to confront once in office. Here are answers to five quick questions. President Donald Trump directed General Services Administrator Emily Murphy and the rest of his administration Monday to formally begin the transition process with President-elect Joe Biden. 1800 F Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20405 . Bush. The General Services Administration has new cleaning standards for agency offices during the coronavirus, and it’s working on its own reopening strategy too. The General Services Administration says it will brief key House and Senate committee leaders and staff November 30 on GSA Administrator Emily Murphy… In 2016, five recounts were filed after the G.S.A. EMILY MURPHY, General Services Administration (GSA) chief, said she received threats after delaying President-elect Joe Biden's transition into the White House. General Services Administrator Emily Murphy had previously refused to allow Biden’s administration to receive government funding and data to begin the … Aides to Mr. Biden said that they expected Ms. Murphy to act within a few days, but that they were bracing for the possibility that political pressure from the president and his Republican allies would prevent that. General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy told President-elect Joe Biden the Trump administration is making federal resources available … President Donald Trump directed General Services Administrator Emily Murphy and the rest of his administration Monday to formally begin the transition process with President-elect Joe Biden. [6][7] Murphy attended Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School, from which she graduated in 1991. “I think this is Trump sending a clear signal to everybody still standing in the administration that you’ve got to still follow his grievances,” Mr. Dach said. I’m back with Emily Murphy, Administrator of the General Services Administration. Administrator Emily W. Murphy was nominated by President Donald J. Trump to lead the U.S. General Services Administration. Aides to Mr. Biden have been working for months to develop fine-tuned transition plans to help the president-elect quickly make good on his campaign promises. The bigger issue would be access to the agencies and the information they need to begin carrying out Mr. Biden’s agenda. Murphy’s nomination has received a strong showing of bipartisan support with leaders from both parties praising her experience, qualifications, and commitment to public service. Most Republicans have declined to recognize Mr. Biden, much less appointees like Ms. Murphy. Democrats found that Mr. Trump had intervened to kill the plan, potentially because he feared that a commercial developer could turn a vacated J. Edgar Hoover Building into a hotel that would compete with his own Trump International Hotel a block away. Murphy notably did not write that the Democrat had been "ascertained" the winner of the election. House Democrats have also concluded that Ms. Murphy has been slow to furnish them with documents and other information relating to the G.S.A.’s lease of the historic Old Post Office Building in Washington, the site of Mr. Trump’s hotel, to the Trump Organization. She worked for the RNC from October 1995 to January 1997, where she served as Assistant to the Director of Administration. In 2004, recounts in New Hampshire and Ohio were completed after the G.S.A. George W. Bush of Texas over several weeks. Her private sector experience includes five years in executive positions at a technology startup company engaged in federal contracting and three years as a government contracts attorney with two D.C. law firms. Currently, she … The official said it would be strange for President Trump to send some kind of a signal to allow the transition to start while he is still engaged in court fights. GSA Senior Advisor Emily Murphy Will Serve as GSA’s 41st Administrator. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy arrives to testify before the House Appropriations Subcommittee in 2019. ", "President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts", "Emily Webster Murphy to Receive GSA Administrator Nomination", Report of Investigation: Re: P. Brennan Hart, III, "Ex-GSA Official Had Sex With White House Staffer on Govt.

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