vendor representative agreement

without notice (催告なしに) This means that with this agreement, the employer and … without one's consent [approval] (承諾を得ずに) (A社は本契約に従ってB社に支払う金額から上記租税を控除することが義務付けられている), within a given period (一定の期間内に) Copyright Masato KIKUCHI. ®ã—控える/源泉控除する The Speaker is responsible for all applicable taxes on the honorarium received from this Agreement. Company A shall not dispose of this agreement without the prior written consent of Comany B (A社はB社の書面による事前の同意がない限り、本契約を処分してはならない), 書面で/書面にて/書面の SALES REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENT This SALES REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”), dated as of 9 th August 2009, by and between Freedom Financial Holdings, Inc a Maryland Corporation (the “Company”) and Freedom Formulations, LLC a Florida Limited Liability Company, called “Representative” below. 例文としては,The Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Agency, to the full extent lawful, from and against all claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities and … GitLab believes this introduction of the new Market Guide for DevOps Value Stream Delivery Platforms further validates its single application approach to DevOpsSAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GitLab, the DevOps platform delivered as a single application, announced today that it has been named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide DevOps Value Stream … This agreement allows you to negotiate on the salary or income terms with the employer and allows you to ask for the commission or bonus that the employer agreed to give you on each sale. What does a typical confidentiality agreement look like? Grant Representative 30-days' notice should the Company wish to terminate this agreement. 1] - Best Buy … within the period less than ~ (~未満の期間) Agent Representative Agreement - MedStrong International Corp. and Member Service Center Inc. (Feb 9, 2003) Vendor Agreement [Amendment No. 9. 英文・英語で作成される契約書のうち,Agency Agreement (代理店契約)とは,例えば,日本企業が外国企業を代理店(Agent)として指名し,代理店に自社商品のマーケティング,販促活動を現地にて行わせて,その対価として一定のコミッション(Commission)を支払う契約類型を言います。, 似て非なるDistributorship Agreement(販売店契約)との主な違いは,Agency Agreement(代理店契約)の場合,代理店側はベンダーから商品を購入することはなく,あくまで販促活動に徹し,交渉が成立した場合の商品の売買契約はあくまでベンダーと小売店などとの間で直接成立するという点にあります。, また,大きく分けて,代理店の中には,サプライヤーに代わって商品を販売する代理権を持つAgentのような地位を与えられる場合(Agency Agreement)と,単に営業活動だけをして販売代理権は持たない場合(Sales Representative Agreement(通称レップ))があります。, Agency Agreement(代理店契約書)を作成する場合に注意する点は概ね以下のとおりです。, 独占的販売権(Exclusive)を与えるのか独占的ではない地位(Non-Exclusive)を与えるのか, 仮に,総代理店(販売総代理店/一手販売店)(Exclusive Agency)とするのであれば,通常,ベンダー(Vendor)は,一定の地域(Territory)で別の販売店/代理店を指名したり,自らエンドユーザーに貴社商品を販促・売却することは禁止されます。, 反対に,総代理店(販売総代理店/一手販売店)ではない場合には,上記が可能とされる場合があります。, 総代理店(販売総代理店/一手販売店)である場合は,The Vendor appoints the Agency as exclusive agency in the Territory. without condition (無条件に/制限のない/支障がない) with the written consent of (の書面による承諾を得て) This vendor agreement and any attachments shall be considered the entire agreement and shall constitute the termination of any prior agreements including any written or verbal agreements. A great way to generate new revenue for your business is to exclusively feature a vendor's product or products at your store. Vendor’s shipment of Products subsequent to the date of its receipt of this Agreement will be deemed to be acceptance by Page. without the consent of ~ (~の同意を得ずに) This Sales Representative Agreement is between a company and a sales representative who will promote company’s products in a specific territory. *Use this chart to see what product lines you will have access to based on what type of customer you choose to be. within the period not exceeding ~ (~を超えない期間) 英文代理店契約書において,日本のサプライヤーが外国企業を代理店として指名する場合,. Agreement is signed and dated by Participant/Legal Representative, Consultant and Representative. All rights reserved. The agreement may also cover property that is the subject of such exchange by the vendor to the purchaser. within the scope of ~ (~の範囲内で), without (prior) notice (催告なしに) 日本では 代理店(Agent) と 販売店(Distributor) とを 混同して使うことが多く、契約交渉の場で混乱することが 多いです。 まずは下記の表を頭の中に入れる事から始めてみる のをオススメ致します。一言で言うと、「 顧客に対する責任の重みが 代理店 と 販売店 without reason [cause] (理由なく) without reference to ~ (~にもかかわらず) Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement 14.1 The following contact information must be used for all written communications between us and you. Vendor may terminate this agreement by giving notice to Client if Client fails to pay undisputed Fees for a period of three (3) months or more and fails to make such payment within thirty (30) days after being given notice of such failure. This agreement sample plays an important role as it also emphasizes on the vendor’s point of view so as to preserve all his interests and gains. Sales contracts are specific types of legal contracts … Contractors/vendors are required to cover the contents of this Agreement and the Plant Specific Safety SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DevonWay, a leading provider of Quality Management solutions, today announced that it has been identified as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner "Market Guide for Quality Management System Software" report 1. Vendor management consist the Identification, Qualification, Re qualification, management of changes at vendor site, Vendor Audit, Technical Agreement etc. this Agreement will go into effect until signed by Vendor and an authorized representative of Kroger. without one's consent (~の同意を得ずに) The Vendor shall not appoint any other distributor or agency in the Territory...(ベンダーは,販売店を本地域における独占的代理店として指定する。ベンダーは,他の代理店…を指定しない…)などと規定されることになります。, 英文契約書において,総代理店(販売総代理店/一手販売店)としつつ,販売地域=テリトリー(Territory)を広く定めた場合は,代理店のパフォーマンスが満足なものではない場合に,ベンダーの選択しうるオプションが狭まる可能性があるので注意が必要です。, 広いテリトリーで自社販売ができず,さらに別の販売店も選定できないことになるからです。, 逆に,テリトリーが狭すぎれば,代理店側にとってメリットが少ない場合があるので,ベンダーと代理店との間のコミッション額の交渉などにも影響することがあります。, テリトリーは"Territory" shall mean Hong Kong.(本地域とは,香港を意味する。)などとして定義づけられます。, 英文代理店契約書において,日本のサプライヤーが外国企業を代理店として指名する場合,代理店に自社製品と競業するような商品を取り扱わないように要求したいときに挿入するのが競業禁止条項(Non-Competition Clause)です。, なお,広大なテリトリーを設定しつつ,条件の厳しい競業禁止条項を課すと国や場合によって独占禁止法や競争法(Competition Law)等の法律に違反する場合がありますので,注意が必要です。, 競合禁止条項の例としては,The Agency shall not sell, market or promote any other product which directly compete with the Products in the Territory...(代理店は,本地域において,本製品と直接競合する他の製品を販売してはならない…)などと規定されることがあります。, 例えば,ベンダーの扱う商品が他社の著作権(Copyright)や特許権(Patent)などの知的財産権(Intellectual Property Right)を侵害する(Infringe)として,当該会社が販売店に損害賠償請求(Damages)をしてきた場合に,これについての弁護士費用なども含めた対策費用をすべてベンダーが負担すると定めるような条項です。, こうした責任の負担について規定した条項をIndemnification/Indemnity(補償)と言います。, 例文としては,The Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Agency, to the full extent lawful, from and against all claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses related to or arising from any claims by a third party in connection with infringement of the Intellectual Property Rights…などと規定されることがあります。, ベンダーが代理店のマーケティング,販売活動に対する対価として支払う手数料をCommission(コミッション)と呼んでいます。, このコミッションの定め方は,様々ですが,一般的なのは,代理店が契約した取引金額の数%とするものです。, 取引成立時なのか,代金回収時なのか,いつどのような条件が揃った時に代理店がコミッションを受け取る権利が生じるのか,曖昧さがないように契約書に定めておくことが重要です。, 一般的に,英文代理店契約書では,ベンダーが顧客から代金を全額回収してはじめてコミッションが発生すると定められていることが多いと言えます。, いくら代理店の活動によりベンダーと顧客との売買契約が成立しても,ベンダーの元に入金がなければ絵に描いた餅であり,ベンダーが代理店に手数料を支払ういわれはないというのがその理由です。, 代理店を指名したは良いが,パフォーマンスが悪い,マーケティング手法が悪いなどの場合に,ベンダーがコントロールしたり,場合によっては契約を中途で終了させられるような条項を作ることを検討しなければならない場合があります。, このような条項がない限り,代理店が契約違反をしているような明確な場合はともかくとして,パフォーマンスが期待以下であるというような場合に契約を終了させることは難しいでしょう。, そのため,販売努力義務を明確に課してこれに違反した場合に債務不履行解除(Termination with Cause)をするか,特に理由がなくともいつでも契約を中途解約(Termination without Cause)できるようにする条文を置くことがあります。, 英文代理店契約のようなパートナーシップ契約は,合弁契約などに比べ問題は小さいものの,往々にして終了時に揉めます。, もし契約を切られれば,代理店が自社コストで確立してきた販路やブランドがベンダーに利用されたり,他の販売店に利用される(いわゆる「タダ乗り」=free ride)ことになる場合があるからです。, そのため,代理店が自社コストで確立したブランド価値など(この価値をのれん代=Goodwill(グッドウィル)などと呼びます)についてベンダー側に引き渡すのだから,その補償をするように求めたい場合(いわゆるCompensation for Goodwill)もあるでしょう。, のれん代に対する補償を排除する条項は,例えば,Vendor shall not compensate Agent for any goodwill...などと 規定することになります。, ただし,ベンダーが代理店に対しGoodwillの補償をしないという条項を入れたとしても,各国の法律(いわゆる販売店保護法/代理店保護法)によっては,強行法規として一定の補償を代理店にするように要求している場合があります。, このような場合は,法律が当事者の合意に優先して適用されるため,契約書ではリスクヘッジできないということになってしまいますので,予め現地法を調査して注意しておく必要があります。, 英文代理店契約書に関するサービス内容のお問合せ,見積依頼は下記からお気軽にどうぞ。, 原則として,当日,遅くとも1営業日以内(24時間以内)に折り返しご連絡させて頂いております。,, 各士業の先生方,翻訳業者,保険会社,金融機関のお客様の英文契約書に関する案件についてお手伝いさせて頂いております。, 片山法律会計事務所〒108-0014 東京都港区芝5-26-20 建築会館4FTEL :03-6453-6337FAX :03-6453-6338E-mail : Prime Vendor is awarded by state. 翻訳会社-ジェイビットは契約書をはじめとする法務文書翻訳のエキスパートです。機密保持契約書、販売契約書、品質保証契約書、就業規則、戸籍謄本などの翻訳を承ります。 without limiting the generality of the foregoing (上記の語が一般に意味するものを制限することなく) Running payments, commonly known progressive payments are paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis on Event planners and arrangers often prefer to undertake vendor agreement before permitting a vendor to sell his products in an event. GitLab believes this introduction of the new Market Guide for DevOps Value Stream Delivery Platforms further validates its single application approach … without prejudice to other rights and remedies (他の権利と救済手段を損なうことなく) Participant-Representative (Rep) Agreement is in the record. management representative from the facility will discuss the Plant Specific Safety Standards with the contractor/vendor. 6.3 Failure to Meet Minimum. 6. These contractual agree… IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this Agreement by their duly authorized representatives have executed this Agreement as of the date first above written. without limitation (~に制限[限定]されることなく) 2.That the materials more specifically described in Schedule-A shall be 3. Cardinal Health is Prime Vendor to VA Medical Centers in the states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, … written notice of cancellation (書面による解除通知). without the consent [approval] of ~ (~の承諾を得ずに) This Manufacturer's Representative Agreement (this "Agreement"), dated as of the date specified on the signature page hereto, is made by and between Marketlink Technologies, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Marketlink"), with its The first step in establishing a prosperous legal relationship is to negotiate a partnershipagreement that is mutually agreeable for all parties involved. without prejudice to ~ (~を害することなく;権利を損なわず) Agency Agreement This Agency Agreement is entered into as of [Date] by and between [Sender.Company] having its principal place of business located at [Sender.Address] (the “Company”) and [Client.Company] having its principal place of business located at [Client.Address] (the “Agent”), both of whom agree to be bound by this Agreement. between Representative and any said subrepresentative, agent or employee or two years from the termination of this Agreement. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the undersigned has caused this Agreement to be duly executed and delivered in the location set forth below its signature by its proper and duly authorized officer as of the date hereof. written approval (文書による承認) Failure to meet such minimum requirements shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement for the purposes of Section 13 (Termination and Term) thereof within a reasonable time (合理的な期間内に) within one's scope ~(の範囲内で) Vendor must select one or more of the disciplines below that most closely describes the service which you will provide to the District under this agreement: Professional Development, Presenter, and Consultant Services- Professional/Staff Development Training, Statistical Pennsylvania 1099- MISC tax will be withheld on all required individuals. Company A is required to withhold such tax from the amount paid to Company B. A confidentiality agreement (also called a nondisclosure agreement or NDA) is a legally binding contract in which a person or business promises to treat specific information as a trade secret and promises not to disclose the secret to others without proper authorization. Pay commissions to the Representative on sales from existing customers for a period of _____________ ( ____ ) months after this agreement is terminated by either party. 1.That the Agreement shall come into force immediately and shall remain valid until the final completion of the job or cancelled by THE PURCHASER. Agreement, with respect to Year 1. Company A shall obtain written approval prior to use thereof (A社はその使用に先立ち、書面による承認をえるものとする) within the period of ~ (~以内の期間) Many hotels, small venues, and large convention centers have decided to set up exclusive vendor agreements. The payments to vendor may be made in a single installment or as running payments based on the agreement terms. Noncompetition: It is agreed and understood that, during the term of this Agreement, If this contact information changes, we and you must tell each other in writing In a vendor agreement, the vendor may pay for their space up-front, but then keep any profits from the event, or may agree to pay a commission of their profits to the host. Agreement is required even if participant is their own onboarding vendor, PaymentWorks. These agreements cover payments, but also line up terms and conditions of what is expected of both parties. Here's a sample NDA. An exclusive vendor agreement may provide you with a monetary fee or distribution rights. View Wholesale Vendor Agreement What Type Of Customer Am I?

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