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The draft proposals tend to emphasize advisory structures and roles. OK, last time I talked about good parallelism and chronology in sentence structure. 2. (little) " There is a continued emphasis on improving test scores. The teacher emphasized to the children the importance of being polite to each other. In order to create the natural rhythm of English through sentence stress, you’re going to emphasize, or stress, the content words. Temel Çeviriler: Ä°ngilizce: Türkçe: emphasize that, also UK: emphasise that vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." A stainless steel vanity is a popular look for anyone who wants to emphasize clean style in the bathroom. The word emphasize means to “stress to someone the importance of a position, action, or statement” So you can “emphasize TO” someone Or… You can “emphasize” without a TO . 2. Emphasize sentence examples:1.the course readings, discussion and assignments are intended to Emphasize a variety of themes and approaches.2.concerning the study of a foreign language, we have to Emphasize speaking, reading and writing.3.but i want to Emphasize that you are just as important to me as they's a con 3. : 3: To emphasize or blame the person, turning the five whys into the five whos. Breaking with convention, Duncan was the first American dancer to de-emphasize scenery and costumes in favour of a simple stage setting and simple costumes. Sentence examples for emphasize. Examples of 'emphasize' in a sentence emphasize. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "emphasis" The teacher emphasized to the children the importance of being polite to each otherThis ESL program puts a lot of emphasis on speaking and listening skills. They told you again and again and again. Use the first position of the sentence to emphasize. There's the other side of this issue: We can employ different strategies in writing to make our written sentences more effective, like placing, climatic sequence, subordination, periodic sentence, etc. Top Answer. emphasize meaning: 1. to show that something is very important or worth giving attention to: 2. to make something…. emphasize on in a sentence - Use "emphasize on" in a sentence 1. The clause introduced by 'What' is employed as the subject of the sentence as is followed by the verb 'to be'. Cleft Sentences: What . 4. 386. To my understanding, when we talk, we may also raise our voices or make a gesture to emphasize a certain part of a sentence. The seals emphasize the act of private devotion. 889. Thanks a lot! Asked by Wiki User. 3. Learn more. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " My parents put a lot of emphasis on good grades. (2) Rewrite these sentences in as many good ways as you can, and point out changes of emphasis. 2. (continued, growing, renewed) " The teachers put primary emphasis on comprehension. es 1. Both of those address clarity. He emphasized the importance of peace. We should emphasize on improving our verbals skills. 1 2 3. This will emphasize the illusion. The function words are going to sound weaker or even be reduced. : 2: American Chinese food typically treats vegetables as garnish while cuisines of China emphasize vegetables. : 4: I want to emphasize today the presentation of them. No. 266+2 sentence examples: 1. But he also emphasized his added incentive in his choosing Key. 2. 3. Both countries have sought to emphasize areas where they do agree, most notably on climate change. We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much. 4. 266+2 sentence examples: 1. Sentence with the word emphasize. The rhythmical and artistic form of the sentence is sacrificed to a passion for emphasis that delights in deferring the point to the close of the period. Google plans to introduce updated Play Store guidelines that emphasize the requirement for most apps to use the company's billing system for in-app purchases as early as next week, according to : 32. emphasize significance testing much more than interval estimation. Emphasize definition: To emphasize something means to indicate that it is particularly important or true , or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The commissioner also emphasized that security at the pools is intense. But there’s so much more. Basic 10 sentences 5 Advanced Sentences about emphasize in a sentence Alternative word for emphasize. It is import 2. Sentences with emphasize. Opposite meaning of emphasize In English, the first position of a sentence is a place that is usually used to indicate emphasis. How to connect 'emphasize' with other words to make correct English sentences.emphasize (v): to show that something is very important or worth giving attention toUse 'emphasize' in a sentence She emphasized the importance of education. 2. sentence; 1: I must emphasize the fact that she is only a little girl. I must emphasize the fact that she is only a little girl. The only reason to note this is to again emphasize that Indians were a special case created by the peculiar history of the United States.. And that the hard-left pinko (who's, as we again need to emphasize, is the sitting Senator from Wyoming, of all places) would use outing a guy out of a closet as a threat.. 887. Sentences introduced by a clause beginning with 'What' are also used to emphasize a specific subject or object. You can hear the natural rhythm of English when you hear the contrast between content and function words. Billings, however, argues that she represents the road to progress because she would de-emphasize the test, called the Washington Assessment of Student Learning. He also emphasized on the " peaceful nature " of protests. When a component that should not be placed at the beginning of a sentence is placed at the beginning, it tends to emphasize this component. To emphasize is to make something important, or stress it, like when you were little and your parents would always emphasize the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street. Emphasize definition, to give emphasis to; lay stress upon; stress: to emphasize a point; to emphasize the eyes with mascara. That hairstyle will emphasize the shape of your face. Examples of emphasize the in a sentence: 1. How to use emphasize in a sentence?. Reemphasize definition is - to emphasize (something) again. Example sentences with the word emphasize. 888. For example, paying attention to sentence structure, order, and length, and to your choice of words and punctuation will all greatly help. But in this case, they emphasize, short term may mean just a few mon 31. June 23, 2017 by ProofreadingPal in Writing Guides. emphasize in a sentence - Use "emphasize" in a sentence 1. The teacher emphasized the importance of education. Thais emphasize on harmony, no dish clashes as regards taste. And again. emphasize example sentences. Answer. To give emphasis to; stress: She emphasized that the matter was urgent. It had been shifting to emphasize software and services before announcing the breakup plan last year. Another word for emphasize. Emphasize the grace Of her ladyship! The emphatic form is made using the auxiliary verb do with the base form of the verb. To cause to appear important or deserving of attention: The bank failure emphasized the need for reform. (1) Write five sentences, telling in each of some recent incident. Tell whether the topic sentences in section 29 are loose or periodic. Every stylistic sweep is calculated to emphasize aggression and road dominance. How to use emphasize in a sentence. (a lot of, considerable, huge, great, strong) " Creativity is given little emphasis at some schools. What is an example of a sentence using emphasize? These examples have been … One way is to emphasize the inherent innocence of all people with the disease. "She found the cat." Ms. Haskings wanted me to emphasize certain points of my speech. Find more ways to say emphasize, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 2015-12-12 06:17:53 2015-12-12 06:17:53. Sentences come in all shapes and sizes, and the way they're structured has a huge effect on the sentence's impact. You can use italics or capitals to emphasize a word in a piece of writing. Examples of how to use the word 'emphasize' in a sentence. A sentence for emphasize? Show which of the sentences in Exercise 383 above are loose and which are periodic. How to use reemphasize in a sentence. Emphasize and expand If the paragraph goes into more detail or gives another example to make the same point, the topic sentence can use words that imply emphasis or similarity (for example, furthermore , indeed , in fact , also ). 3. ‘The findings emphasize the value of farming coffee in shaded environments.’ ‘I can't emphasize enough how important it is to pay attention to your body.’ ‘The findings emphasize the deleterious effects of cocaine on the brain and the potential for improvement with medications.’ Wiki User Answered . Emphasize with Sentence Structure. See more.

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