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My pronunciation is even worse than spelling. The difference isn't in the pronunciation of Linux but in the language Linus uses to say hello. Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'linux': Break 'linux' down into sounds: [LIN] + [UHKS] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Distributions intended for servers may omit graphics altogether, and include a solution stack such as LAMP. The mascot of Linux is a cartoon penguin named "Tux". Please see the Translations README for information on coordinating and submitting translations of this article. [33] As of March 7, 2011, Linux kernel would cost about $3 billion. [31][32], Some English speakers pronounce the name as lee-narks or lee-nix or lie-nix. Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD. Sign in to disable ALL ads. [18] In March 2017, it was reported that there were more users on Android than on Microsoft Windows, which is not based on Linux.[19]. 'li' is pronounced with a short [ee] sound: compare prInt, mInImal etc. But, with code from the G.N.U. developers worked together to integrate G.N.U. Sign in to disable ALL ads. They are two different things. There is a lot of software for Linux and—like Linux itself—a lot of the software for Linux is free software. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Everyone has their own preferred sources of authority. Secure your open source apps. You can develop with it on Linux, with the example they give in their documentation using VS Code. It is one of the most popular Linux distributions and it is based on Debian Linux computer operating system. Here’s his quote: I don’t really care how people pronounce my name, but Linux is always Lih-nix.Linus Torvalds. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Usually when someone pays, it is so the company will help the user after they install it, which is called "support". You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. This will conclusively resolve the topic for anyone interested. system available for free, he decided it would be good for Linux if it could use that code, instead of code from MINIX, because MINIX did not let people share or change it how they wanted. Governments and auditors certify Ubuntu for FedRAMP, FISMA and HITECH. Popular Linux distributions[10][11][12] include Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. [17] In fact, the Android operating system, a mobile operating system built on top of the Linux kernel, has the largest installed base of all general-purpose operating systems. Great question, so here’s a video of him saying that exact thing: You can argue that it should be pronounced a different way, i.e., that he should have chosen differently, but you can no longer argue the correct pronunciation. Linus Torvalds shared the Linux kernel on some internet groups for MINIX users. Password: General This forum is for non-technical general discussion which can include both Linux and non-Linux topics. The idea of the penguin came from the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds. Both are open-source operating systems that are completely free, with the exception of a few modified distributions such as OSX and Zorin OS. Is it similar words? Project, Linus Torvalds started a switch from his original license (which did not allow people to sell it) to the G.N.U. Pronunciation of the name Linux (23 language audio files) Pronounce Linux in English view more / help improve pronunciation. I pronounce Ho'okipa as Ho-o-kipa and not Ho-kipa as most hoales do or Hoo-kipa like the tourists do. Torvalds has made available an audio sample which indicates his own pronunciation, in English and Swedish. If Mr. Torvalds truly wanted to ensure correct pronounciation, he would have named it, "Linus; you call it LINUX." (computing) An operating system largely compatible with Unix that qualifies for use of the UNIX trademark, currently owned by The Open Group. How to say linux in English? Record yourself saying 'linux' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen. [37] Other key components of a Linux system may use other licenses; many libraries use the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), a type of the GPL that is less restricted, and the X Window System uses the MIT License. Linux or GNU/Linux is a Unix-like operating system (or strictly family of) for computers. how Linus pronounces Linux (English sample) User comments: Original file: To make the Linux kernel suitable for use with the code from the G.N.U. linus' minix became linux. Quora policies. Pronounce Linux in English (UK) view more / help improve pronunciation. They say it offers up the same consistent look across all platforms, with Uno doing the "heavy lifting for pixel-perfect look". When the creator of a new word tells you how to pronounce it, that’s the standard. Currently popular pronunciations. Desktop Linux distributions include a windowing system such as X11 or Wayland, and a desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE Plasma. Aren’t there lots of quotes of lots of things? Ari did not think Freax was a good name, so he called the project "Linux" without asking Linus. used on supercomputers[13] (at least on the TOP500 list, since November 2017). Is it examples of the creator saying it different ways? ... Arch Linux has comprehensive documentation, which consists of a community wiki known as tArchiveiki. Notices: Welcome to, a friendly and active Linux Community. The software from G.N.U. Wiki is used to refer to collaboratively edited media. But can you really trust a quote? As the Swedish sample evidently reveals, Linus is a Finnish swedish-speaker. Linux kernel (the basis of the operating system) is free software, meaning everyone has the freedom to use it, see how it works, change it, or share it. I have always called it (Lie-Nux) which she says.. if you say that in public, you will sound like you dont know what you are talking about.. According to Torvalds, that is incorrect pronunciation.[source? Pronounce Linux in English (Australia) view more / help improve pronunciation. Over the course of the 20 years that I've used Linux, i've said and heard a number of ways that people pronounce things and think I have a pretty good idea of the most accepted ways to pronounce and say things when dealing with Linux systems. This file was noise-reduced, trimmed and compressed. The Chromebook, which runs the Linux kernel-based Chrome OS, dominates the US K–12 education market and represents nearly 20% of sub-$300 notebook sales in the U.S. Linux also runs on embedded systems, which are devices whose operating system is typically built into the firmware and is highly tailored to the system; this includes mobile phones (especially smartphones),[14] tablet computers, network routers, facility automation controls, televisions,[15][16] digital video recorders, video game consoles and smartwatches. And that’s the exact situation we have with Linux, created by Linus Torvalds. On Linux, they're relying on Skia to draw the UI on canvas and Shell support with Gtk3. And that’s the exact situation we have with Linux, created by Linus Torvalds. Ubuntu, however, is completely free. Linuxia voi käyttää monissa tietokonelaitteissa, muun muassa matkapuhelimissa, taulutietokoneissa, pelikonsoleissa, palvelimissa ja supertietokoneissa. Many believe the intent was for "LINUX" to be pronounced "Linus"; however, uninformed readers of the LINUX acronym fall back on the established pronounciation of "UNIX". Linus first called the operating system "Freax". Linux relied on software code from MINIX at first. Linux pronunciation. Patch the full stack, from kernel to library and applications, for CVE compliance. Learn more. or DVD. Commercial distributions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. A little more than half of all lines of code were licensed under the GPL. Ari Lemmke, who worked with Linus at the University, was responsible for the servers that Freax was stored on. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Ubuntu is a free operating system that uses the Linux kernel.The word "ubuntu" is an African word meaning "humanity to others". The image was made by a man named Larry Ewing in a competition to create a logo. Is it common-usage? Tux has even been included in many video games, such as Super Tux (like Super Mario Bros.), Tux Racer (where players race Tux down an icy hill) and Pingus (like Lemmings). But can you really trust a quote? Me, its just speculation. Torvalds not only told us how he pronounces it—which would have been strong enough—but he explicitly says it’s the only way to pronounce it. As of November 2017, all of the top 500 supercomputers run Linux.[30]. Any certain version of Linux is called a "distribution", or "distro". MySQL: most people say "My S Q L", not "my sequel" fstab: F stab (some say F S tab) initrd: init R D fsck: F S C K - or FS check chown: as one syllable.. rhymes with 'own' chmod: as one syllable.. rhymes with 'nod' ls: L S (ell ess) sudo: I pronounce it so it rhymes with voodoo, but some people say su dough. 'nux' is also short, non-diphthong, like in pUt. How to say Linux. pronouncekiwi . Rob; Thread; May 22, 2017; Replies: 1 ; Forum: Linux Other; Tags. The versions used by the most people include: People might pay some money for a version, so they can have a CD-ROM or DVD and to help the company to make their versions better. Linux viittaa Linux-ydintä käyttävien Unixin kaltaisten käyttöjärjestelmien perheeseen. Distributions also include supporting system software and libraries, many of which are provided by the GNU Project. Linux: most people say it with a short i like spin. The problem with UNIX and Linux however has historically been due to a couple of major factors. A growing amount of proprietary desktop software can also be used under Linux, such as[28] Adobe Flash Player, Spotify and Skype. Linux was originally developed for personal computers. Tux has now become a symbol for Linux, and sometimes even for open source. was all licensed under the G.N.U. I know a few others that say it with an 'I' as you would say 'I' in lower case. Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free and open-source software collaboration. The Linux kernel and most GNU software are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Answer got collapsed because it was small thats why i have to write this . When words sound different in isolation vs. in a sentence, look up the pronunciation first in a dictionary, then use

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