how to release emotions bottled up

Pent-up anger can result in blowing up or acting out when you know you can get away with it. Posted in: Getting Better, Learning From the Past, Living in "Now". Venting in an overly angry or spiteful way can actually reinforce negative feelings rather than help dissipate them. (Note: This is a Negative emotions can drag you down, especially when helplessness kicks in. mom came in when i tried choking myself. Can try that over and over or else you can allow that energy to escape through physical exercise. Finally, remember that it’s okay to feel your emotions, that some days you don’t have to be happy and that you can take control of your life. He'll always be there no matter what. Anonymous 5th Grader on October 22, 2019: Today was my birthday and nobody really gave a crap. Crying not only cleanses the eyes, but washes the pain away. Thanks for writing this marco! marcofratelli (author) from Australia on June 03, 2010: Justin, thanks for leaving a note. Avoid living beyond your means. You never know. marcofratelli (author) from Australia on June 25, 2009: Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! But sadly in the last two years I develops something new.. I was never taught self worth or made to feel that I was important growing up. Sounds easy, but, says Hendricks, “a lot of the time we don’t know what we’re feeling.” For example, we’ll often react with anger when, really, “we didn’t know how to say to the other person, ‘I’m afraid’ or ‘I’m sad.’” i'll try your methods. Make your list and ignore what everyone excluded from the list thinks. Thank you : ) I have to admit that I have contemplated suicide and praying does help. We all know people who do this from time to time. View all comments. LOL @ Cris! Bottling up your emotions is not healthy. and alex (my brother) called me when i was on the building. I find it unlikely that you've bottled up so much negativity for two years. Since I was a little girl. Find more ways to say bottle up, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. (And no, the solution is NOT suicide). With music, it can be great listening to songs that speak to you at the moment, but when I write something original, it helps brain dump so I'm not dwelling on it as much. Also one should sleep on the unresolved problems and when you wake up in the morning you see the problem in a new light and its solution clicks to you suddenly. Try this: Talk to your friends, family or even pets. It leads to depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness and a slew of new problems to deal with. I have emotions that I've bottled up for years now. Name your emotions. Head and neck pain are one of the most common symptoms of bottled up emotions, largely because the stress of holding back causes muscles in the jaw to tighten, Lawrence explains. YEisHere from The Universe on June 17, 2009: Greetings! “Bottling up” your emotions means blocking or suppressing your feelings instead of expressing yourself. EXCELLENT! Spiritual Seeker. i tried choking myself. Speaking your thoughts will allow you to feel like you —your ideas, dreams, goals, challenges and accomplishments — matter to other people. Even if you don’t entirely admire their opinions, you’ll still learn. Music. It really helps to write out your feelings. Everybody bottles up their emotions at some point. You probably even told yourself that you don’t have an inkling of concern about their thoughts. Post navigation. You can also practice gratitude. Helping a teen feel comfortable opening up is important. Pent-up anger can result in blowing up or acting out when you know you can get away with it. It can also be used as a way to let someone know you are not happy with them. If you're uncomfortable talking to people, try nature. If someone gives them an advice to become more emotional to release deep-seated and harmful emotions, they usually camp it up. But that doesn’t mean they simply disappear. Just drop that emotional burden and move on. amadavit from Cairns Far North Queensland, Australia on June 25, 2009: Interesting post Marco...thanks. Trying to hide the pain—from others and myself—I built walls, put on masks, and soldiered on. Many of us suppress our emotions for a variety of reasons. Good tips and suggestions. They feel that they have to deal with their emotions or problems on their own because "no one else will understand.". Take 15 minutes out of your busy day to relax and let go of any negative or difficult emotions you have been holding on to. i like to write, to draw, have a rant with my best buddy. It’s a destructive habit. I use a daily journal. Try this: Take the time you need to think. How can I release it Often the pent-up emotions will manifest themselves physically in the form of diseases and can make you very ill. How about your boss? Writing, singing, exercising, laughing, praying and dancing are … I think that sharing who we are, our issues, problems, etc, is the first step towards feeling less alone. All of these activities have countless studies that prove how valuable they are, especially in dealing with emotions. You might even like to publish some hubs here to help other people in similar situations? If you feel like you can only coax the emotions out with words and encouraging phrases to a certain low ceiling, then it might be time to breathe them into more fullness. Also, it can be hard to stay so still and quiet, so you might try listening to some music to give your mind something to focus on and keep it busy while your body relaxes (you probably need to teach both your body and mind how to relax). This is not the time for procrastination or excuses. Art therapy is a good way of getting our stuff out, and once done, a sensitive therapist would help us to begin identifying themes, feelings etc. They feel they have to be "the rock" for others. I feel like I can't escape and want to get away from everything, I can't help but feel sad and lonely all the time. An envelope. Sit down, close your eyes, breath deeply in and exhale. I know she lives me but she never says anything good about me... Well she does but not usally. They go shopping 3days a week!! Let out your tears! Joanna McKenna from Central Oklahoma on February 28, 2009: Cris, I knew there was something about you that seemed familiar. If you are defined by what people say, you lose the courage to be vulnerable.”. we all need to get upset and angry because if we didn't we would not be human god gave us feelings so cry really cry let it all out sceam to go on its ok. ItsThatSimple from Florida on November 18, 2010: Men and women react to things differently. Some people commit suicide because they see no other way out. Increasing your emotional competence doesn’t happen overnight. Hi, I've bottled up my emotions my entire life. Posted by James Browning on June 1, 2013. We all need a shoulder to cry on at times but I never find this. Take physical actions to release the emotions There are a number of ways you can begin to release your emotions, especially those relating to anger and hurt. The moment you do, it’s when you stop truly living. it can be very therapeutic, on top of doing the other things like music and writing, which are great. Hi, I've bottled up my emotions my entire life. This is why it's dangerous to bottle up your emotions. My name is Justin. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. I have done blood work, urine samples, ultra sounds. Thank you so much. I try to keep cool in a crisis situation and then later it explodes on the page. :). i just started middle school and i feel like i will never feel anything ut stress again at some time. Here's the askme I posted about things when they were going off the rails , and here's my follow-up … You latch onto unhealthy coping mechanisms Anything in extreme is harmful. © Dumb Little Man. But, like all habits, it can be broken. I can't believe the response this hub is getting! Accepting and understanding your emotion will allow you to truly know yourself. However, friends can only provide so much support, and a friendship should be a shared time together, with a reasonable balance of an exchange. We used writing to help digging out the hidden emotion. Mandala: This is an intricate circle that you can color or paint to find emotional release. You can become crabby to be around and start snapping at other people for now reason. i found a frog outside and i found out its diet, anything that is small enough to fit in it's mouth. You become depressed and numb, and you don't know how to get out of the situation. If you feel you can't talk to the people in your immediate circle, look outside it.

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