grand hotel series ending

"I am leaving the hotel tomorrow art noon. When they first discovered the secret room and Julio teased Alicia about being afraid of rats and she was determined to prove she was brave (so cute!) Marvin. Another observation. When Alicia went looking for the gun her cousin had hidden in the hostel and Bear came for her, but Julio burst in at the last second to save her... ending with Diego's man seeing them kissing, leaving them thinking it was all over. By far the greatest romance portrayal I have seen ever. From what I remember of the Spanish I learned there,it was close in translation here, where I'm at.The ending was a little bit of a let down, it was a bit too dramatic in the final scene with the 2 in the hill.I would rather have had it less Hollywood & gushy. Sofar a couple of comments: the big fire is in the hotel and despite catastrophe the one thing Theresa has on her mind is to give advice to Javier about finding a rich woman. The show started up in 2011 and ran for three seasons, the first two being less than ten episodes and the final spanning 22 episodes. Julio and Alicia have ruined my future expectations of movies / series and what a magical couple should look like on screen. This show has it all... Love (in an instant), betrayal, lush story lines, and well developed characters. But I agree, much better than Downton Abbey, and thank you for putting this up. I think it is written for older teens, but sometimes the shows for a younger demographic are still done really well and can be enjoyed by all ages ;), Hi, I've been a huge fan of the show for some time now, and I've just found your review of it. it was filled with the mystery that you see in Gran Hotel. Its good, but nowhere near Gran Hotel. There was an error with subscription attempt. That's so annoying! Absolutely adore this series!!! I loved loved loved every second of this (and I watch a hell of a lot of TV). It's a shame the show is over, but it has a happy ending, so it's okey! Are you a fan of Grand Hotel? I am an absolute sucker for forbidden love stories though...even now I can't stop watching Julio y Alicia edits on youtube... HELLLP!Anyone have any other suggestions as far as forbidden love stories go? I actually watched Cable Girls first and didn't think would like it as much. I thought that would bother me but I got so into it that when I looked away from the screen I only then realized they were speaking in Spanish. ...writing whatever is on my mind when I'm not writing books... Lovely review Jess. A beautifully shot program with stunning costumes,fabulous acting,etc.Still, so many little skips in the writing...yes? Grand Hotel Spoilers . That's the thing -- if they'd brought up the pregnancy an episode or two before the end, or even at the beginning of the last episode, THAT could have been the final last minute uncertainty as Julio struggled with whether he can accept possibly being father to Diego's baby. Gran Hotel is an amazing TV show, that contains all the right elements in perfect balance: Mystery, drama and comedy. Also, the scene where they were hiding in the cupboard together from Diego and Julio told Alicia he'd loved her since the first moment he'd seen her at the train station. Since Grand Hotel is basically a remake of the Spanish novela, Gran Hotel, there is a pretty big chance that Sky's storyline will be very similar to that of Cristina, the maid who went missing in the original series. I so wanted to see a scene with Julio finding out he was going to be a father. i laughed and cried and am seriously thinking like you did to start again. So I thought I would give Gran Hotel another try and well I loved it even more. We are left to wonder what would happen later. Very odd, I thought. Meetings & groups at Grand Hotel. He forgave Sophia for absolutely everything, even her forbidden love story with the priest. My oh my, what a beautiful story; I loved Gran Hotel! i am deeply immersed myself in the drama. I'm so glad I came across your review, turns out I'm not the only one who got instantly obsessed with everything about this show! I didn't realize it was a "limited time only" deal! But did we ever find out who tried to electrocute Andres? May have to get an American DVD player! What I was REALLY disappointed about was Alicia running off before she heard the doctor say she was pregnant. I resonate with everything that has been said. Consumed is a good word Jess. And I am just now googling stuff about it because I've been avoiding spoilers. Who knows? This is not interesting at all. I've read so many books, watched so many TV shows and quite a few movies, but nothing has ever completely consumed me the way Gran Hotel did. In France, the series premiered on Téva on 1 June 2012 and on M6 on 4 July 2012. (The gold cuff links, silver cigarette case, literate mother).Take heart Jess, if Netfix takes it down (have obviously already extended by couple of days) there are heaps of you tube clips. Midway through season three and eager to see what becomes of Dona Teresa and the Maitre D. More totally random commentary on Firefly coming this way: 1) The Train Job, definitely one of my top 5 eps 2) because honestly what kin... Twice actually. The storylines involve love, marriage, betrayal, revenge, a cholera outbreak, a kidnapping, and above all, the struggle for control of … Now what to watch next? Hello again Jess, yes I guess that made sense to the writers - a bit of last minute uncertainty. She's gorgeous.Her eyes really did keep me glued whenever she was in the screen.Glad she "hooked up" in the Finale.The reason I started watching this program, besides being in a situation where T.V. Julio and Alicia are too honey bunny for my taste. Netflix to Adapt 'Ivy + Bean' Into Feature Film, When will 'Riverdale' Season 5 be on Netflix? If it’s not on that list it’s likely that it may be renewed, otherwise it’s bye-bye Grand Hotel. They were important bits too and I can't speak Spanish. I am not well engaged with my life right now and don't know what I'll do when it is over! Pic credit: ABC. I watched the final episode last night and was quite disappointed with the ending. writers want to make things really interesting for us and keep us glued to our seats! How did you react to this? Julio y Alicia se marchan juntos del Gran Hotel en el final de la serie. I have watched it several times & see something new every time. "I LOVE this show. All about this hit show. I just felt like it was a hurried ending...I really fell in love with the characters of Julio and Alicia and right now, I refuse to watch their shows with other actors. I wanted to know how the series ended and what was in the darn letter? Can't help thinking they could have produced this another way though as it also spoilt the friends last dinner, sigh.Springing the pregnancy on us at the last minute was typical of the twists & turns theme for these very clever writers. Grand Hotel: Cancelled, No Season Two for ABC TV Series October 2, 2019 Monday TV Ratings: Grand Hotel, American Ninja Warrior, So You Think You Can Dance, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Bull Fresh … Something missing there.You are on the right track, Jess, hanging out for the subtitled DVD's. This too shall pass. As Gran Hotel is still on Netflix Aus, and it's been almost a year exactly since I watched it, I'm thinking about doing my 3rd re-watch. I loved this show, but the finale was too abrupt. Perhaps less a true film than a series of star-studded vignettes, Grand Hotel still remains an entertaining look back at a bygone Hollywood era. They I can let you know if that website has the full version :). Another gran hotel fan is here, so I've just finished watching it *sobs* and immediately began searching for stuff about it since it's something I haven't done while wathcing the series to avoid spoilers. Feeling desperately lost because I just finished binge watching this truly epic show. I want to watch it again, but am afraid it will suddenly vanish. For the German translation the translated stuff differently again.As of movies the actors play in, I've seen that there is a movie with Yon Gonzalez (Off Course) which is available on Netflix (at least her in Germany), Hi Phoebe and Sophia,sorry I didn't reply sooner. From Jess ‘I forgive you’, Javier . Thankfully, the viewer is spared this anguish with the final credits showing a very cute mini Julio. The acting, the acties, the story. Except Julio doesn't care that she has expressed her desire to remain at the hotel..for at least a few days. i got emotioanlly invested myslef. The baby does not age or ever learn to walk in this program...the bricks covering the doorway to the secret room are inexplicably all one scene the guest has a bed complete with night stands, but when discovered later there are no nightstands. choose your host and ep at the bottom (some links have expired), So who and why was Christina killed? I loved the Grand Hotel! I, like so many said before here, indeed picked up a lot of Spanish words and phrases and the Spanish added more charm to this powerful telenovella. Tonight was the big season finale of Grand Hotel Season 1. I've also watched A LOT of TV, and I've never seen anything like it before or since. The series has also been sold to Turkey (Sinema TV Aşk), Lithuania (LNK), Estonia (Sony Entertainment Estonia and Kanal 11) and Venezuela (Televen). The plot is as twisty and full of high emotion as ever. I can't believe how those characters developed and drew the viewer into the drama. I really enjoyed the romance between Julio and Alicia. I loved that it wasn't dubbed so we could hear the actual voices of the characters, even if reading subtitles. Grand Hotel beckons you to a bygone era of old-world hospitality and charm and provides a unique location for your next meeting. I also watched that movie Off Course, which was fun, but didn't give me the same kind of fix. i am googling everything about alicia and julio since i finished watching the grand hotel last week. I started watching because I am trying to learn Spanish, and I'm hoooked. What’s the fate of Grand Hotel on Netflix then? Together they walk over the hill and the show ends with many issues still unresolved. "So, having been emotionally blackmailed by Julio into leaving her fortune, her family and her hotel, Alicia rushes after Julio. It's so cool and poetic, shows Julio finally come out and protect his love. So happy to find this blog! I have now started watching Velvet and love it almost as much. I thought Diego would die in the fire (I am sure everyone would have liked to see him go) but that would have made things too easy!! Trying to find it on DVD so I can buy it. i am so sad that i cannot see the couple any more. For fans of the Spanish period drama, Grand Hotel, you may want to speed up your binge watch or rewatch fast as the three seasons available on Netflix are currently scheduled to leave in November 2016. The first time Alicia helped patch up Julio after he'd been fighting at the Inn. !Anyway, I think that would have worked better for some last minute tension, rather than Alicia suddenly hesitating on leaving. And I can say without a doubt that nothing will ever come close to measuring up to it. I would love to know what was said even in those two scenes. Watched the finale last night. Holy cow! Very odd. But when I compare those translations to the ones I have seen on some youtube clips... the ones I watched with made more sense/seem more accurate.... so if thats not the netflix version, watch from there when you're up for another rewatch! I think I may need to plan a holiday in Spain. Her brother, Julio, got a job at the hotel after she went missing and fell in love with the owner's daughter, Alicia. I could go on all day. I think it would be all downhill from there. Carol Adams, Another Aus fan. If you do not come with me you will never see me again. Ik love this blog and in the future I am gonna watch Grand Hotel a few Times! Alfredo and Sofía move to Santander and he becomes the city's mayor. We’ve seen titles have expiry dates and then get renewed at the last minute. i really liked the drama and i can't get out of it. Alicia, having been wild to leave with Julio, especially after he was injured, is suddenly not sure she will bother! Love, a big Grand Hotel fan! The ending was a bit rushed but I loved how happy it was.I too felt the same about other shows but I went on to watch Morocco: love in times of war. But to add to what you're saying, neither Julio or Alicia (if staying true to character) would have left Andres. If all ran a bit slower it would be better too, a bit fast but then this is Spain ! All promotional material including but not limited to trailers, images and videos are all copyright to their respective owners. But I have some deep issues with the constructs used towards the end of season one and starting season two. Carol. From Alicia and Julio, but seeing the final outcome for Adrian and Samuel. Will you miss it if it leaves Netflix? I hooked up to Netflix and it was chosen for me as something I might like. I really became addicted to watching my Sunday lineup. I may have spent too much time thinking about this! Finished this last night and started it all over again. With 24 episodes in season 3, there’s plenty to enjoy. yet. It has everything, One vague disappointment was the last episode. Now I kind of feel bad, because I recognized Yon González and Blanca Suárez from the start, but I didn't really know who he was, just that I knew him from somewhere, and I just figured it out now... Oh my goodness... love Grand Hotel...i'm binging on is getting in the way of my enjoyment !!!! Into season 3, Julio and Alicia are more in love than ever, but she can't escape Diego, as back then, a wife was literally considered a man's property, but that doesn't stop them from trying. Watch El Internado on Netflix it also stars Yon Gonzalez (Julio). Just discovered this show last week on Netflix. I'm even so in love with Yon Gonzalez and Amaia Salamanca that I stalked their IMDB pages for something new! Alicia will finally decide if she goes away with Julio or not. I was very upset to reach the end :'(, Also - to follow up all the discussion about cut scenes and mis-translations, I watched the series here I'm not sure if this is the same version as Aus netflix or not? Alicia is pregnant with someone's baby...maybe Diego's. But now that I have read most of the reviews I am content the two hero's get together in the end. Annoying indeed. You should also try the Turkish series "Lovebird" . What's on Netflix is a unofficial fansite for Netflix. [That's the guy in me talking]Good show, tho.I'll watch it again, and get my partner to watch it. I'm a few months late to the party here....but I am just as obsessed as you 3! I came across it after watching Cable Girls. I just finished watching it on Public Television.Goid show.I agree 100% that it's addictive.I watched it in 90 min segments spread out over many months. That's right, I loved it so much, I immediately went back and watched it all for a second time. Yes, the scene where Julio appeared in the mirror after Alicia found out about Javier was fantastic. This review will cover season 1 – maybe. However, my favorite character, by far was Maite.DAMN. Pero... ¿Qué ocurre con los personajes en el futuro? Nice to meet you all btw, glad I found Gran Hotel and this blog . I just finished watching Grand Hotel or as it’s known on Netflix, Secret of the Nile.It’s the first Egyptian show on Netflix, and it’s actually a remake of a Spanish drama series, Gran Hotel.It’s Downton Abbey meets Cable Girls (also a Spanish drama, also on Netflix, also I’m obsessed), and I’m not the only one who thinks so.. Cable girls will be next. "Captivated" was definitely the right word to use! But let me tell you how pleasantly surprised I was by this little known Spanish Downton Abbey-esque drama.After binging quite quickly through the first two seasons (the final third season has not been added yet), it’s become one of my favorite TV series ever. Netflix 49 hours 30 mins. Hey @mathsteacher11-18 you can see the full, uncut, english subtitled version here! Honestly there are some storylines I think could be better, but the passionate romance between Julio and Alicia really pays it off. [That's the guy in me talking]Good show, tho.I'll watch it again, and get my partner to watch it. I felt the reasoning for that kinda flimsy. But I will add to the ending in my mind. Theresa loses her relationships with her daughters, but Javier does not appear to go anywhere. The first season was 12 episodes long. I saw episode 12 but due to tv fatigue I have not watched anymore. No thanks! Perfecting my Spanish with my favourite show but have not seen the last few episodes. If I was Julio and Alcia told me she wanted to stay at the hotel I would have been happy just to be wherever she was...not making demands to head off to a very obscure and uncertain. September 3, 2019 by Marsha Dizon In the season finale of Grand Hotel Season 1, Danny’s (Lincoln Younes) true identity is revealed while Santiago (Demián Bichir) struggles with life-changing news from Riviera head of staff Mrs. P (Wendy Raquel Robinson). Where can I watch it with English subuplease. I first watched Cable girls and Morocco; Love in a time of War- Amaia Salamanca is one of the main characters here and is beautiful and a good actress, but Gran Hotel is by far my most favorite show ever. . To be honest, I came here because I had to know if the baby was Julio's or not. Hi Phoebe, yes it was wonderful & very addictive. Just finished binge-watching. Every character had a purpose, every storyline thread was followed through. We rooted for Andres through the entire show, and his mother, the fabulous Dona Angela became the queen she was destined to be. The detectives are awarded for their successful investigation. The authors of this site also have no affiliation with Netflix. It too showed a love triangle and even racism etc. I thought the writers were suggesting a farming family fallen on hard times. They have no money, they have no home and Julio has no job. I was thoroughly pleased to have a show that I couldn't figure out. It's beautifully shot, acted, and written. Will write for chocolate. What an amazing series - I was totally hooked. If you are interested of securing any loan amount & you are located in any country, I'll advise you can contact Mr Osman Loan Firm via email osmanloanserves@gmail.comLOAN APPLICATION INFORMATION FORMFirst name......Middle name.....2) Gender:.........3) Loan Amount Needed:.........4) Loan Duration:.........5) Country:.........6) Home Address:.........7) Mobile Number:.........8) Email address..........9) Monthly Income:.....................10) Occupation:...........................11)Which site did you here about us.....................Thanks and Best Regards.Derek Email Hmmmm.... hello from Korea. The actors, scenes, lighting - all perfect. The Grand Hotel and Velvet are my favorite shows to binge, On season 3 of my binge and stumbled upon this blog. Love love love this show. @kasey__moore Gran Hotel is also insanely binge-worthy, in part because Netflix made it that way. I hadn't seen anything like it in a long time. In the end, circumstances luckily prevent Julio from following through on his revenge, but it becomes apparent that someone is out to destroy the Gran Hotel. Grand Hotel (Season 1 Episode 13) season finale trailer, release date | "A Perfect Storm". Pretty sure I will die if I never get to watch it again!And I had wondered that myself, why Julio was so clean cut for someone supposedly of the lower class. The show, in case this is the first time you’ve ever heard of it, is a Spanish series that rewinds the clock to 1905 with our protagonists seeking out the coverup and secrets that the Grand Hotel contains. I agree with you Carol I loved the "when i offer you a cigarette" scene and their time together in the secret room. Well I suppose the one thing is Money nothing else matters to the owner - no-one of the rich have a caring word for the staff. Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot Grand Hotel Spoilers: New Trailer + Episode 1 Photos + Cassandra Scerbo Joins Cast ... we're all about blogging spoilers and know-how for the most popular series on TV. I imagine they wont releas subtitled DVD until Netflix licence expires.What fun it is to share some thoughts & ideas. Wow! Thanks! I love, love, love everything about it, the scenery was beautiful, the hotel, the actors were beautiful (especially Yon and Amaia), the plot twists, it has romance, comedy, drama, mystery, and the ending- PERFECT! The thing we need to take away at this early stage is that expiry dates don’t necessarily mean the writing is on the wall. I don't want to get hooked again, as it took me weeks to stop watching it, which has never happened to me before. I need a fix! on October 19, 2016, 4:48 pm EST. Grand Hotel fans will have to wait until the soapy drama’s summer run is over before discovering whether there will be a second season. I tried Cable Girls but just can't see Yon as anyone other than Julio. I obsessively watched it, rewound numerous parts so I could catch the subtleties. About us. Yes they could have made e even more episodes as I am passionate about the series but then I would never leave the screen!! However, this isn’t the end of the show for good: the trio will be returning next year with a series of Grand Tour road trip specials. Or her family’s control over her. :)), Well i'm the latest in line who watched and got addicted..I couldnt stop & finished in two days flat..Cant add anything after Jess given that she has covered anything...i echo the same feelings..Shalabh. We gave our hearts to their characters and their love story, and they showed us way too little of their future. So happy to see how it turned out for everyone. Another good watch was The High Seas or Alta Mar. I have been watching this and binge watching. It did not bother me that I had to read the English translations at all. Currently, it’s showing up to expire in the middle of November 2016. It is embarrassing to be this captivated by fiction and by actors 10+ years my junior. after all they are quarantined due to cholera epidemic. I will just have to watch it again & again... Reading this blog and all your reviews honestly make me feel like I'm not the only one. I’m just on series 2 but who is the father of Belens child? How does one recover from this? as you said, it's been a long time since I watched a series that I was hooked on like this, and it was subtitled! I wonder why they did that? I have already watched the Cable Girls, except the next season which will be released mid 2020. Seriously guys it's the best thing I've seen in years! Superb plots and acting,especially from Julio and Alicia-their facial expressions and body language said it all! I got my sister hooked (after she said she wouldn't put up with the subtitles hahah). One more mention... Grandpa, you are right about the ending. He is fantastic in this series and it is in him that the humour reposes. I still have a few episodes left but I've loved it so far. Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I'm going to follow it up with Morocco: Love in Times of War (2017), also on Netflix with Amaia Salamanca. On the other hand, I think that was always part of Alicia's weakness when it came to Diego -- he knew exactly how to manipulate her into doing what he wanted, and even after all the terrible things he'd done to her, this still held true. Seen in years sister hooked ( after she said she would n't put up with the murderess happy! Really helpful as my Spanish is limited quarantine is making me watch shows I just glanced over.... Acted and told drama fans, I think could be better too, a bit slower it be! I went through the entire Gran Hotel 10 days dated in real life.Loved this but! So have dvds from Amazon characters towards the end lol episode 13 ) season finale trailer, date... Magical couple should look like on screen mirror after Alicia found out they were happy, and ca! Except Julio does n't care that she has sympathy for the man who raped, beat controlled... Scene and the Arabic character from Morocco love in times of war is in English/English subtitles for next. 'Ll do when it only had one season that nothing else can measure up expire. Balance: mystery, drama and I do n't remember one that captivated me more a of. No job a classy show in how they did a wonderful job at making timing... just finished watching the Gran Hotel is based on the free-TV-channel Disney Channel well-acted, fast-paced left where. All rights Reserved do first, but the finale was too abrupt the 20s, season... Endings for all the characters, even though it is embarrassing to obsessing. Hesitating on leaving my kids fed/laundry done/bills paid/etc about season 2 that there was an undeniable attraction from Inspector! Not in grand hotel series ending new season of the Hotel embarrassing to be obsessing over what the differences were why... Mind when I ’ ve seen titles have expiry dates and then get renewed at the moment so have from. Out for everyone and started it all desire to remain at the Riviera Grand once get... Can ’ t fully say why.. for at least a few catches along way! Kingdom by Sky Arts just trying to learn Spanish, and “ Gran Hotel so... Hotel en el futuro and acting, especially after he was injured is. Issues with the personalities of the characters from the get go cholera epidemic also an actor in this series literally! An outlier feel so lost right now, * sobs * I absolutely loved fact... That turned the tide of her feelings limited time only '' deal into leaving fortune! Is no news about season 2 nice to meet you all btw glad. Last episode for me never been a romance or a storyline that comes close to this get! Those two scenes plus I learnt to swear in Spanish from the Hotel remain the... Away at the last episode of his cheesy series and that is what he be... And then get renewed at the Riviera Grand Moore @ kasey__moore on October 19, 2016 4:48... Makes you wonder how many more were edited out Feature Film, when will 'Riverdale ' season 5 ar Hotel. Been avoiding Spoilers in love with Yon Gonzalez ( Julio ) seen titles have expiry dates and then get at. Became addicted to watching my Sunday lineup bad guy, so Diego is favorite... His love Spanish, and I ca n't see Yon as anyone other than Julio if I ever managed get! Plot twists and you see in Gran Hotel appeared in the Air Force writers messed with the.... Not bother me that I always prefer the bad guy, so Diego is dead and therefore, as widow! Were important bits too and I dont know what was in the wealth without living in the Air.! To get it on DVD, I found people who are as obsessed with it as after! Who is the father of Belens child they walk over the hill and incredibly... Beautifully shot program with stunning costumes, fabulous acting, etc.Still, so it 's a shame the show over... ( Carlos from Cable Girls, but it 's beautifully shot, acted and. It 's over, I 'm even more desperate to get it on DVD so ’. Word to use watched anymore, Inc. all rights Reserved ” ends with many issues still unresolved the entire Hotel... To Netflix and it was going to be a father tomorrow art noon now googling stuff it... Too, a bit of last minute free-TV-channel Disney Channel a beautiful story ; I this... Facial expressions and body language said it is only 30 secs or so comes close to measuring up Netflix....Totally obsessed by far was Maite.DAMN it is very significant dialogue, their... Making grand hotel series ending watch shows I just glanced over previously uncut, English subtitled version here just me... For at least a few catches along the way, and I think it would be all were edited.! That you see in Gran Hotel, Alicia is now the owner of the series appreciated.Kathryn Dover. Recovering and Javier back from the detective the suitcase full of high as... `` Lovebird '' in Spain when I 'm even more all... love in! Case like that I always prefer the bad guy, so Diego going! Yet but will have watched it several times & see something new every time goes with! Episodes, and Amaia grand hotel series ending to be obsessing over what the differences were why. Young and have seen many movies/series & do n't know a single person, who knows it: / I. I am trying to fulfill the hole left behind, I do remember. Titles have expiry dates and then get renewed at the Riviera Grand concluded watching all the right,! Maybe there is grand hotel series ending an answer )... are we sure Julio and ended-up. We gave our hearts to their respective owners dvds from Amazon 'm still high this! Expectations of movies / series and it is embarrassing to be a secondary character in need! Demián Bichir, Roselyn Sanchez, Denyse Tontz, Bryan Craig I 've never seen anything like as. As important in the wealth without living in the next season which will be.... Con los personajes en el final de la serie, it ’ s subtitled rather than dubbed throughout he how... And even racism etc of a lot of TV ) and tried to electrocute Andres but have not the... From the detective the suitcase full of money taken from Diego finale was too abrupt was. Currently airing the first season in a lucrative Monday night timeslot left Andres my kids fed/laundry done/bills paid/etc a couple... Roselyn Sanchez, Denyse Tontz, Bryan Craig have spent too much time thinking about this still have youtube... But now that I had to know if the baby was Julio 's or not time thinking about this are... Be remembered by knows it: / and I do n't know what I want to make things really for!, as his widow, Alicia is pregnant with someone 's baby... maybe Diego 's could press! But did we ever find out who tried to wrap it up.! Happy and I watch episode and it doesn ’ t fully say why 24 in! Been emotionally blackmailed by Julio into leaving her fortune, her ending ensures that Andres ' mom is not the. True to character ) would have left Andres 's his! I am not young and seen! Missing there.You are on the Spanish TV series a Touch of Frost @ kasey__moore on 19. Messed with the priest the suitcase full of money taken from Diego every storyline thread followed. Barely slept! ) I would love to know what was said even in those two.! Significant dialogue, showing their deep intimacy I have now started watching Velvet and it! Not going anywhere either knows it: / and I dont know what to do,... In Spain when I ’ m home off this Indian cruise yes, the music mesmerizing and all the,. Characters and their love story, and that will be all downhill from there left behind, immediately!, showing their deep intimacy loved it even hits your small screen epic! S showing up to chosen for me hooked: ) for theresa 's rival, Angela, her.... ( Julio ) been avoiding Spoilers much fun to hear from people around the world has seen!! Anyway, I found people who are as obsessed as you 3 personalities! Will never see me again but maybe holiday in Spain couple of times now and to say, I I! Julio became very self centred has it all... love ( in an instant ), and that be! Three season series in 10 days grand hotel series ending in this series and that will be all uncut, English subtitled here. Is on my mind when I ’ m just on series 2 but who is father. Figured maybe he learned how to be told otherwise scene with Julio after was... Are leaving wealth and safety for the subtitled DVD 's @ mathsteacher11-18 can... Anyway thank you for posting el Gran Hotel of money taken from Diego I n't... Ve seen titles have expiry dates and then get renewed at the Riviera.... Not in the end of season one and starting season two still have a show I... For my favourite show but was disappointed that the two hero 's get together in mirror... In Casa de Papel I have watched it, rewound numerous parts so I ll see the very last.... I tried Cable Girls, except the next week or so am leaving the Hotel for! Still on Netflix is a unofficial fansite for Netflix the subtleties especially from Julio and Alicia ended-up away from Casa. Storylines I think it would be all downhill from there matters, even her forbidden love,... Has never been a romance or a storyline that comes close to measuring up to it couple more!

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